How To Use These Proteins For Better Results!

The better quality protein you consume, the better your gains will be. One of the highest-quality protein powders you can use is any of my hydrolyzed protein powders. However, the big problem with hydrolyzed protein powders is the taste. 

Listen to Alex Rogers, talk about hydrolyzed protein powders. 

Here are some tips, ideas, and tricks to get these excellent protein powders into your regime if you are concerned with the taste.

The most straightforward formula is to do something like this:

1/4 cup of whey protein powder

1 tbs of leucine peptides

We know that leucine is THE major player in muscle protein synthesis. So if you are going to keep it basic and spend money on something, leucine peptides are the way to go. (NOT L-Leucine!)

If you need something that mixes really easily, substitute and leucine peptides for Peptopro or Total Frag 250.

Protein Blend:

Combine whey protein with casein and then add 1 tbs of Hydrolyzed 520 or Salmbolic.  

Use a Drink Enhancer.

In the past, I used to recommend using Gatorade with hydrolyzed protein. It is effortless to take 20 grams of hydrolyzed protein and, put it in a 32 oz bottle of Gatorade, and drink it. You can barely taste it. And it makes for a great recovery drink.  

However, I am against consuming artificial colors and am not particularly eager to consume artificial sweeteners. 

I searched online and found this.

These are great to use for flavor hydrolyzed protein powder. Typically, citrus fruits are better to use.

If you are looking for something cheaper, try this

These are pretty cool as well.

Salmbolic 98, believe it or not, is easy to drink!

I know drinking salmon protein sounds gross, but I’m telling you it aint. I would not carry it if I thought nobody could consume it. Salmbolic is very easy to flavor with lemon or lemonade.

Two tbs of salmbolic with 16 oz of lemonade, and you can’t even taste it. Yes, you can smell it a little bit, but you can’t even taste it. It is a super high-quality protein to use. The guys that manufacture it say it is better than whey. 

Use Depo Nitrolase 250

All of my hydrolyzed protein powders, with the exception of Total Frag 250 are only max, 28% hydrolyzed. That is why I am selling the Depo Nitrolase 250 because it will support the digestion and utilization of the hydrolyzed protein powders.  

If you are using any protein powder, get the Depo Nitrolase 250. 

Cera Products

A few months ago, one of my kids bought this product called Liquid IV (yes, they never listen to their father). I almost smacked him. This Liquid IV is a grand marketing scheme, and whoever came up with the name is a marketing genius. However, the product is nothing more than dextrose with electrolytes. In my opinion, its garbage. 

Instead, if you want a high-performance hydrolyzed powder, Cera Powder is it. Now, why am I mentioning this? Because if you combine it WITH any of my hydrolyzed protein powders, you have pretty much the best recovery/hydration powder that can be constructed.

Cera powders are great to use during the summer when it is hot outside. Put in a little Peptopro or Total Frag, and it turns it into a high-performance drink for sure!