The Secret To A Successful Protein Powder

My new protein blend with whey, casein, and Bio-Serum is available now at ~30% off!  Its called 3XL and you can buy it now for only $29.99.  I had it flavored Cinnabun…yum yum!  It’s mainly an anabolic protein with jacked up growth factors coming from the Bio-Serum 1. There is only a small amount of casein to help functionality.  Use this blend in place of a normal whey protein and/or if you need a protein powder that tastes really good.
More than 15 years ago I started One of the main reasons I started this company because I was sick and tired of getting ripped off by companies using protein blends and not divulging the percentages they were using.  So what I did was INVENT protein customization.  Why?  So you can know exactly what you are getting when you buy a blend.  Unfortunately when the FDA changed the laws in 2010, we had to comply and protein customization went bye-bye.  It was a great concept, protein percentages and I was sad to see way to battle the supplement companies vanish.  However, the FDA is fighting for us & is now in our corner helping the consumer from not getting ripped off from companies that continue to use proprietary protein blends.  I’ll explain more below…but for now….

Protein blends are a scam!  Yes you read right.  I’m saying it right now, right here.  If you are using a protein blend you are getting ripped off.  You see supplement companies will create a protein blend to fool you into thinking that you’re getting different sources of protein, when in reality you have NO IDEA what you are actually getting.  I have a big problem with that.  In addition, they are violating the FDA Code of Federal Regulations for Dietary Supplements 111’s.

Let’s take a look at a typically protein blend nutrition facts panel.

pro complex - Google Search 2015-09-09 15-29-36

I have some issues with this as so should you!  #1.  It is labeld as a “food”.  If you have learned anything from my by now is that you NEVER buy food powders (powders labeled with a nutrition facts panel instead of a supplement facts panel)

#2 The ingredients.  Do you see where I put all the question marks?  How do you know exactly how many grams of each ingredient is in the powder?  You don’t and you’ll never know.

This label above is easy to see that this is NOT they way to buy a protein powder blend.

Let’s take a look at another.

muscle tech phase 8 - Google Search 2015-09-09 15-45-47

Now this one is labeled with a supplement facts panel..however, they messed up on alot of the federal regulations.  #1.  You are not allowed to list ZEROS in the supplement facts panel.  As you can see with this label, it contains zeros.  This means the label is in violation of the FDA’s 111’s.  Next is the proprietary blend.  They list the protein in the OTHER ingredients part of the label which is again in violation of the FDA 111’s.  In addition, you as the consumer have no way to tell how much of each protein is actually used.


Some companies try to be like and say that they don’t use proprietary blends.  However, they still LABEL their protein supplements incorrectly.  A correctly labeled protein supplement that is AGAINST proprietary blends looks like this.


Do you see how the whey protein isolate and micellar casein is labeled INSIDE the supplement facts panel.  NOT, I repeat, NOT OUTSIDE the supplement facts panel.

My new 3XL protein is labeled this way, so you know exactly what you are getting.  3 XL protein contains whey protein concentrate, casein, and bovine serum albumin.  And the amounts are listed there as well.  Use this blend if you want an upgraded protein blend that contains bovine serum albumin.  It’ll be much higher in protein subfractions than a normal whey protein.