How To Lose Belly Fat Overnight!

Are you struggling to develop shredded abs and and a v-shaped physique? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people want to know the method to do this, and they search all over the web methods on how to lose belly fat overnight. However, their search usually leads them to stupid exercise routines, recipes or weak supplements that don’t even have the capacity to generate significant fat loss. It seems like there is no way to get rid of the stubborn belly, and that it’s simply a genetic predisposition. Some people are just fatter than others!

Well, if you’ve been long enough in the fitness community, you will know that neither of these statements is true. I mean, there is no expert in the world that knows how to lose belly fat overnight, and there is no special drug, supplement or exercise that will give you an instant result. If that was possible, we wouldn’t need to learn about human physiology and we could simply fire all the experts, as that would be the holy grail that fitness industry was after. And trust me, when we do discover that super-drug, you will hear about it!

However, the fact that you cannot lose a huge amount of belly fat in one day doesn’t mean that you drastically speed up the process. Some people try to lose fat through the most conventional methods possible, and it takes them years to get lean. There is no need to go that route. By implementing the tips I will share with you right now, and a few excellent supplements designed to facilitate faster fat loss, most of the belly fat reduction goals can be achieved in a few weeks time.



HFLC stands for „Low Fat, High Carbohydrate“ diet. This is a revolutionary approach to dieting that has gained tremendous popularity in the last couple of years. The reason? Because it works! Every fitness expert will tell you that in order to lose fat, you need to be in a caloric deficit. If you’re eating just the right amount of calories that your body needs to sustain itself, or you’re eating in a caloric surplus, your body will go in the different direction, gaining fat and perhaps muscle as well. But being in a caloric deficit ensures that you will be losing fat, as the body has to adjust to a lower amount of resources. This is why we have fat in the first place, to be used in situations when we cannot get enough calories in our system.

Carbohydrates are usually the foods that contain the most calories, such as bread, pasta, rice, fruits and many processed foods. By reducing the amount of these foods in your diet, you will inevitably fall into a caloric deficit, and start losing that stubborn belly fat. However, dieting has its pains. By simply reducing the amount food you intake, you will feel lethargic, hungry, and lose strength in the gym. It can also lead to muscle loss, if you’re not careful and don’t take proper supplementation. This is why the „high fat“ part is so important. In this diet, you are actually replacing carbohydrates with fats. But you’re saying „oh but won’t eating more fatty foods make me FAT“? No, it actually won’t. And that’s the beauty of this diet. Fats actually contain less calories than carbohydrates, and they’re also more satiating. So while you would need a few slices of bread to be full and energetic, you would only need 2 eggs, or a full fat yoghurt to achieve the same result. And these not only contain less calories, but also provide you with high quality protein, minerals and other nutrients that are vital for making gains the gym.

Another positive of taking the HFLC is that you won’t be getting the insulin spikes that come with eating carbohydrates. These insulin spikes cause hunger, and they happen 2-3 hours after the meal. This is why you feel the need to grab a piece of fruit or a Milky Way in between your meals. You can easily avoid this episodes of hunger by drastically reducing your carb intake in the first place. So you will actually have to eat only 2-3 larger meals in the day, which leads me to another awesome tip that is crucial to losing belly fat fast.


Fasting has been for thousands of years for the numerous health benefits that come with it. The father of medicine, Greek physician Hippocrates, strongly advocated fasting as an alternative to other healing methods. Simply letting your body do its work without being disturbed by external influences is the best way to bring it back to the way that nature intended. Intermittent fasting is a method of fasting in which you skip breakfast, and eat later in the day.

The best time to eat would be between the training session, from 5 pm to 10 pm. This might sound counter-intuitive, just like the HFLC diet. We’re often bombarded by the mainstream medias outdated version of dieting, where the breakfast is our friend, and late meals are the enemy. The only reason late meals are the enemy is because you ate breakfast and already intaked tons of calories!! If you actually skipped breakfast, you could eat more later on, and that seems to be the most practical and easy way for the majority of people to eat. Our bodies are designed to feast during the night time, and if you find yourself snacking before going to bed, this is the reason. You’re not weak-willed, you’re simply eating the way nature intended. So skip breakfast, and eat later on in the day 2-3 meals. This will not only ensure that you eat less calories, but also give your digestive system enough time to actually relax and digest the food properly.

Another benefit of doing intermittent fasting is that you will feel more energized and alert, because your body will be geared towards finding food, instead of digesting it. This is why doing cardio in a fasted state is a more pleasurable experience, than it is when your stomach is full. There is also a great benefit when it comes to aesthetics. You’ve probably noticed that your belly is usually more defined, and seems to carry less fat in the morning. Well, that’s because there is no water retention since you haven’t eaten for a while. If you’re looking for a way on how to lose belly fat overnight, this is a good optical illusion while you’re doing the real work to drastically reduce the belly fat.


Following the two tips I’ve just shared with you will ensure that you remain in a sustainable caloric deficit for a prolonged period of time, and actually lose fat. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t hit the weights and the treadmill at the same time. It’s important to exercise during this cutting period because it will ensure that you maintain your muscle mass. In a caloric deficit, our bodies will first target the fat and use it for fuel, but it can also use some of the excess muscle mass, if you stop using it, because it will seem like its useless from a biological perspective. To ensure that this doesn’t happen you should keep training while losing fat.

Workouts are also a great way to burn more calories, and the best way to do them for this purpose without spending too much time in the gym is by taking smaller breaks between sets. This is best accomplished by doing a circular-style of workout. These workouts are usually performed by doing many muscle groups in one workout. So it would look something like this:

1 set of Bench Press, 10 sec break

1 set of Shoulder Press, 10 sec break

1 set of Bicep Curls, 10 sec break

1 set of Squats, 10 sec break

1 set of Calve Raises 10 sec break

REPEAT 3-4 times

This is a great way to train your muscle in order to sustain itself, and also put in a cardio workout without wasting time on the threadmill.

These are the 3 tips that can drastically speed up the fat loss process. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot take it one step further, and make the process even easier. These are the supplements that I always recommend to my clients if they want to create the best results and actually not have to diet or train too hard.


Remember the part about insulin spikes and snacking? These spikes are the result of consuming sugar (carbs). Insulin is generally considered the number one enemy of fat loss for this very reason, as it makes the body store more fat than is necessary. By controlling insulin and keeping it low, we can avoid this side effect and reduce our appetite as well.

This stack contains 3 powerful components: OLIGONOL,  R-ALA and DELTROPIN

Oligonol is a pre-digest super fruit, which helps regulate insulin and burn fat in the mid-section. R-ALA has almost the same function and it’s considered to be the highest quality lipoic acid. Deltropin is a pure fat burner. It reduces the bodies capacity to store new fat, as well as burning the fat cells that are already existent. These three work the best when used together, as their chemical make-up complements each other. A month of using this stack together with dietary and exercise tips can not only reduce your belly fat, but also get you a six pack.


If you’re wondering how to lose belly fat overnight I would assume you’re either really motivated, or it’s your first time taking this challenge. Perhaps it’s both. Either way, this is the best fat loss supplement pack for beginners. It contains 4 excellent ingredients, which are sold separately (and for a higher price) in supplement stores.

The first ingredient is Cognizin Citicoline. This is a natural ingredient that has been proven to suppress appetite, even at low doses of 1500 mg daily.

Forslean is another ingredient that fosters that effect, but also ensures that you don’t lose in any musle during the process of weight loss.

Garcinia Cambogia and Teravigo are two excellent metabolism boosters, and Teravigo is known as the best green tea extract on the market.

This starter pack is a great boost for anyone trying to lose weight, especially due to its affordable price and the fact that it’s based on healthy, natural ingredients.

3. Life Extension Super Citrimax Vegetarian Capsules

This is another, natural supplement that promotes fat burning. It’s one of the most healthy supplements that I recommend not only for cutting purposes, but also for fostering a healthy lifestyle. It’s a unique form of hydroxycitric acid (HCA) bound to potassium and calcium. HCA works by suppressing the conversion of carbohydrates into fat, which means that you don’t have to limit carbohydrate consumption drastically to ensure fat loss results.

It is also a great supplement to take for digestive aid, as the potassium and calcium in conjunction with HCA provide a soothing effect to the digestive tract. Definitely highly recommended if you’re looking for a longterm solution to give you the extra fat loss and body weight maintenance in the long run.


Although the name says „weight management“ I’ve had great success using this supplement for fast fat loss. Sanutra uses the extract of Garcinia cambogia, which is known for various uses in Yogic medicine and nutrition, to deplete fat storages of excess fat, and actually make better use of new carbohydrates that are digested. Through the inhibition of fatty acid synthesis and fatty acid oxidation, it reduces appetite and boosts metabolic rate. If you’re looking to take only one supplement for weight loss, Sanutra is an excellent choice.

5.  Some people and supplement experts believe that Yohimbe could help lose belly fat.  However, don’t think by using it you’ll lose belly fat overnight, because you wont.

6.  Finally Alex Rogers, President of put together an abdominal fat loss stack containing the fucoxanthin supplement.  This supplement when used together give you a better chance removing stubborn belly fat.  Again it will not be overnight.

how to lose belly fat overnight


No fitness expert who cares about his reputation will tell you how to lose belly fat overnight, because that’s just not possible. To actually achieve great results you need to invest some time and effort. For those who want to lose 10-20 pounds, that’s as simple as going on a fat loss regime for 2 weeks. For 40-50 pounds fat loss, 2 months is usually enough if you follow the guidelines from this article.

Regardless of your goals, the best way to boost the fat loss efficiency is through proper supplementation. Any of the 4 supplements presented in this article will help you achieve just that. I hope this article will help you in getting rid of the stubborn belly fat in no time.