How To Make Awesome Lean Gainers, Weight Gainers, and Weight Loss Shakes

What I love about my company is the fact that when you buy a protein powder shake, you can be sure that you are getting the best.  Meaning if you want to buy a whey isolate, you can simply go to my site and buy one and know that you’ve just purchased the best whey protein isolate protein powder money can buy.  If you want to buy Creapure brand creatine monohydrate, you can buy it here and know that you have just purchased the best creatine money can buy.

Now the beauty of my products is that you want to start to combine them to make yourself awesome formulas.  You can make pre-workout formulas, post workout formulas, weight gainers, and weight loss formulas.

One can really get creative in making themselves formulas. [clickToTweet tweet=”Here are formulas you can use to make yourself that are better than anything you can buy anywhere on the internet.” quote=”I have put together some formulas you can use to make yourself protein shakes, weight loss shake, and weight gain shakes that are better than anything you can buy anywhere on the internet or buy on”]

Basic Protein Powder Shake Formula

German Whey Protein Isolate

French Micellar Casein protein powder

Advanced BCAA powder.

Here you have a formula that is both fast and slow digesting proteins.  I always recommend combining your protein sources.  When you go this you are giving your body a better chance at staying anabolic and anti-catabolic.  In addition, I included Advanced BCAA powder.  This is one of my favorite powders and I love to add it to my protein powder because it just gives it a major boost in BCAA’s.  I tell people all the time that the reason whey protein powder is so popular is because A) it works B) why does it work?  Because it contains over 30% BCAA!!  C) BCAA are the building blocks of muscle!  Never forget this simple “foundation rule”.  You need protein to grow muscle and you need BCAA’s, as these are the building blocks of muscle.  The Advanced BCAA that I sell is actually hydrolyzed whey protein isolate,  which makes it super absorbable while at the same time giving you an extra dose of BCAA’s in PEPTIDE form.  Not the free form type which I rarely recommend. 

You can mix 1/4 cup of each of the protein powders and then add 1 tbs of the Advanced BCAA.  This protein mix will be better than ANYTHING you can buy from GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, or anywhere!  You can use this formula anytime you want.

Hard-Core Protein Shake Blend Formula.  

A lot of companies claim to have the best protein powder, but most are simply blowing smoke up your ass because, well…they have to …what are they going to say, “Well our protein is good, but I know somewhere that sells protein powder that is much better!”.  Additionally, most of the protein powders sold at the retail level are made for the mass audience, which means it has to taste like a milkshake, which means, it’s not going to have any awesome high-quality proteins such as Peptopro or Bio Serum.  These proteins do not taste good and are very expensive so they are never going to find their way into a mass marketed protein blend.  And even if they did they would be in amounts, that are severely underdosed.  That being said, let’s put together a hard-core protein blend that will blow away any protein powder that a supplement company is claiming to be the best.

Keep in mind I am not considering taste here.  If you’re a pussy about taste, then simply remove some of these protein powders and something that tastes good.

1 tbs of Micellar casein protein powder

1 tbs of bio serum

1 tbs of Peptopro

1 tsp of hydrolyzed cocoon protein powder

1 tbs of hydrolyzed whey protein 520

Wow, what a protein formula.  This contains, LITERALLY, some of the best protein powders on the face of the earth.  Use this formula and you really cannot go wrong.

Lean Gainer Meal Replacement Shake

I love making meal replacement powders.  They really come in handy when I’m at work.  I made this video of myself making a meal replacement powder using my complex carbohydrate supplement powder Mod 6.

I made a shake using:

2 tbs of Germany Whey Isolate

2 tbs of Micellar Casein

1 tbs of Bio Serum 1

6 tbs of Mod 6 Carb

I don’t care if you are looking to gain weight, gain muscle, or lose weight…This is one awesome powder stack.

You can also use Mod6 Carb Powder for an energy drink as well. Simply toss in about 40 grams of powder with 20 oz of water and you’re all set.

Add Peptopro and you really have an awesome drink you can use during marathons or any endurance race you might be competing in. Forget the L-Glutamine, forget the free form BCAA’s, all are garbage compared to Peptopro.

Weight Loss Protein Shake

1/4 cup of French Micellar Casein Protein Powder

1/4 cup of Mod6

1 tbs of flax oil

1 tbs of Leucine Peptides


Capsimax, no brainer to help you burn more fat. (this is a capsule product)

This weight loss protein shake formula will help you reduce the calories that you eat.  That is the ONLY way to lose weight.  The micellar casein protein powder is a slow digesting protein powder that will keep you full for most of the day. You can use this protein shake a couple times a day and of course before you go to bed.  The leucine peptides is another one of my favorite protein powders because technically it is a hydrolyzed whey protein isolate that just so happens to be 50% leucine peptides.  Leucine is a major player in protein synthesis and I feel this is a very strong anti-catabolic protein powder.

Dairy free protein shake

Sometimes people cannot have any dairy.  Whey protein and casein protein are both dairy protein powders.  Here is a good dairy free protein shake.

1/4 cup of egg white protein powder

1/4 cup of bio serum

1 tsp of silk cocoon protein powder.

If you want it to taste better you can just reduce the bio serum and add more egg white protein powder.

Optional add 1/4 cup of Oatmuscle and it will sweeten up the taste.