New Anabolic Ocean Stack

I put together an ALL FISH muscle building stack for you to try.  This could be one helluva anabolic muscle building stack.

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I could not help but think about how using fish products may really help with building muscle mass.  This weekend I was at a restaurant munching down some great mahi-mahi at one of my favorite restaurants called Mr. Shrimp.  Whenever I eat fish products I feel great with no digestive issues.  It is amazing reall, because if you eat bad food, you’ll feel like shit.  You’ll have ups and downs and as far as your energy levels go.  Like after a big lunch sometimes people feel they need a nap.  That’s your insulin going all out of whack.  But if you have a nice piece of salmon, over some steamed vegetables, you can just feel the nutrients and how easily the body can digest these food products.

We recently just released Salmonbolic 98.  A hydrolyzed fish product powder that may work better than whey protein.  Jury is still out as far as the customer feedback goes.   This is a great protein powder to use if you have an using whey protein powders for as long as you can remember.  That is the first product in my ALL FISH anabolic stack.

The next product is krill oil.  I posted a blog article about recent research that stated using 3 grams of krill oil per day can be anabolic

The next product after krill oil is fish oil.  Fish oil is a hugely popular supplement but a VERY suspect product category.  Meaning you have sooooo many companies pushing out shitty fish oil products it is not even funny.  However, fish oil is something you want to try to put your body into an anabolic state.  In addition, it has a host of other benefits as well.  Not too long ago I wrote an article about the Top 6 fish oil supplements on the market and where to buy the best kind.  It was one of my best blog posts you can read.

Here is the Anabolic Ocean Stack

You are going to want to buy 2 to 4 lbs of Salmonbolic 98.  Here is how I would use this product.  Keep in mind the product smells like fish.  AND the product has a mild fish taste.  However, it is not bad to drink at all.   If you’re one of those people that need their protein shake to taste like a milk shake.  This product is not for you.  Go over to 1st phorm and buy yourself a baby fruit loops flavored milkshake.  👶

Hard-Core Users

1/4 cup of Salmonbolic 98

2 tsp of Leucine Peptides

3 grams of Krill Oil

If that is out of stock, then I recommend this one.

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”500″ identifier=”B00IP1E3O0″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”bp025-20″ width=”313″]

2 bottles of Zenwise Fish Oil

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”500″ identifier=”B07B4LG23J” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”bp025-20″ width=”288″]

I would combine this stack with fresh vegetable or you can buy our Muscle Greens

Intermediate Users

1 tbs of Salmonbolic 98

1 tbs of Peptopro

2 tbs of Whey Isolate

Then of course you’ll combine the Krill Oil and the Fish Oil that I recommended above.

Beginner Users

1 tbs of Salmonbolic 98

3 tbs of Whey Isolate

Then of course you’ll combine the Krill Oil and the Fish Oil that I recommended above.