Research Peptides — The Most Honest Review You Will Ever Read

What Are Research Peptides?

Research Peptides have been touted as the “future of medicine” for some time now.  And the jury is coming in on that prediction.  When it comes to physical perfection, immunity from disease,  longevity,  more muscle, more energy, and an overall improved sense of well-being, research peptides have gathered a revered reputation. In many ways, they surpass drugs that are currently available.  The problem  (or at least one of the problems) is that they aren’t technically approved for human use.  Yet.

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 Though the legality may be mired in ambiguity, you’ve bound to have noticed, even in mainstream publications and news outlets, the attention given to the power of research peptides. Movie stars who never seem to age are fessing up to a big part of that reason is the use of research peptides — prescribed by a doctor.  How and why that is possible is a big question mark since they are not approved by the FDA.  They ARE, however, not illegal to buy or own. They’re just not legal to use.  (If that makes any sense). Right now they are still in the experimental stage and are being used on research animals.  But the result on those critters has been so astronomically impressive, it didn’t take long for people to start experimenting with them. The topic may be new and controversial to the general public but athletes, and more generally bodybuilders, have been onto their benefits for years. No surprise. There are few people more interested in maximizing performance than athletes and no one is more willing to create a more muscular body than bodybuilders —- and they’ll do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. 

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Growth Hormone & Growth Hormone Releasing Research Peptides

In the past, anabolic and legal steroids were the go-to drug for both performance enhancement and greater muscle growth. And as we all know, they work.  But they come with a price. Actually, everything does. Any substance that redirects the natural function of the body will have a side effect. Even things as benign as coffee or aspirin or cold medicine — anything that is in essence, a drug, will have some side effect.  But what some bodybuilders have been attempting to do with steroids is gain the maximum benefit with as few as the detrimental indications. And in that regard, steroids fare pretty well.  The risk-to-benefit ratio is quite good. Of course, that is within reasonable dosages, and another thing bodybuilders are known for is not being reasonable when it comes to steroid dosages!  Still, they were the only game in town when it came to building muscle and burning fat until a more radical approach to greater growth was being tapped — Growth Hormone.  (GH for short), At first, the only way to obtain GH was from cadavers.  (Gross and macabre).   It’s rumored that some bodybuilders developed illnesses contracted from human cadaver Growth Hormone. Then in the 1980s, a synthetic version was available and it became a staple of the pro competing bodybuilders arsenal.  And naturally, once the internet came along with both an enormous amount of information as well as the option to purchase these drugs, it wasn’t long before the “regular Joe” gym rats started taking GH as well.  

Growth Hormone acts on all the tissues throughout the body. It’s what causes growth throughout childhood though, in people of all ages, it boosts protein production, promotes the use of fat for energy. GH also raises levels of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), which is important in the development of lean muscle. This is a process that works very well in youth and declines steadily throughout life until at around age 60 it stops entirely. (Yeah, it sucks).   Two things that will release GH naturally are deep sleep and intense exercise — another example of why weight training is one of the best things you can do to remain youthful. The use of certain supplements such as Arginine and Citrulline will also help to generate GH release.  But nothing natural will work as quickly and as powerfully as synthetic GH, which is what made it so desirable.  Until now.  More on that in a moment. 

GH comes with its drawbacks as well.  For one thing, it did not build muscle as effectively as steroids.  It does a pretty good job of burning fat through the process of burning carbohydrates at a rapid rate. GH also increases the size of external organs and in extreme cases could enlarge bones and joints.  You can see this phenomenon in pictures of bodybuilders with excessively pointy elbows.  And there’s the ubiquitous “GH bubble gut that has dominated the pro ranks.  A swollen dissented stomach that is in direct contrast to the ideal physique of broad shoulders with a trim waist. GH can also exasperate tumors, so the risk of cancer is heightened.  And another off-side effect is “Palumboism”  — attributed to famed bodybuilder Dave Palumbo who had a reputation for being openly outrageous with the use of drugs to develop the maximum amount of muscle. After many years of GH use, Palumbo’s midsection grew so large that his extremities actually started to shrink. His arms and legs lost muscle and more mass went to his waist.  He was the archetype of renegade GH user/abuser, and he paid the price. He eventually stopped using all drugs (except for a weekly HRT dose of testosterone)  to save his health and these days he looks very “normal.” That shows that building muscle from chemicals more than diet, exercise and supplements are both temporary and debilitating.  Still, GH in moderate dosages prevailed among the “life extension” crowd for their benefits. So it’s back to extracting as much of the “good” while avoiding as much of the bad.  And when it comes to all of these factors — strength, performance youth, longevity, more muscle, less fat, more energy,  tighter skin, and a better quality of life, though the process of increasing GH, Research Peptides have filled the bill, and they do it more effectively than Growth Hormone itself because they work in a way where they stimulate one’s natural GH release.  There is now ample evidence from medical sources supporting the effects of increased Human Growth Hormone, including protection from fractures, increased muscle mass, decreased body fat, improved exercise capacity, and a reduced risk of future heart disease.  So peptide use that pumps GH is gaining interest among the general public.  As is the case with steroids there can be improvements in psychological well-being, improved sleep quality (fewer awakenings, increased duration of deep sleep) greater strength, lower fat, and an overall improved disposition.  The effects accumulate over time whereas steroids work relatively quickly. That comparison would be too much for the average housewife to comprehend but to those who’ve been searching for every possible advantage in this area, it’s an important factor. There are a number of research peptides that have been developed to assist the Pituitary Gland in releasing increased amounts of Growth Hormones and the right plan and the right research peptides can assist your body in doing the things it already does to achieve your desired results — but better.

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This is is not meant as an encouragement to use research peptides without the supervision of a physician. And when attempting any external influence on your body, be it research peptides, steroids, or even an OTC product,  it’s best to start with a low dose in order to test the waters.  Peptides do have some side effects that if overdosed, aren’t necessarily fatal, but can be troubling.  Always start slowly.  Peptides need to be mixed with bacteriostatic water and injected subcutaneously with an insulin needle so when mixing the powder with the bacteriostatic water, it’s not a bad idea to err on the side of using a little more water than less.  The dosages are so small anyway, you can always inject more fluid once you get used to the effects.  Incidentally, it is suggested that when injecting the water with the powder, do it slowly and not just “squirt” it into the vial.   Supposedly, the molecular structure is fragile and some of the potency can be compromised if mixed too vigorously.

There are dozens of research peptides that do similar things, but instead of listing all of them let’s concentrate on those that over the last few years of trial and error have been regarded as “the best of the bunch.”  

The most well-known, and widely used by the general public is…

Melanotan 1 and II Research Peptides

This research peptide was actually developed to protect against skin cancer. Simply put, it increases the production of melanin, the pigment in your skin that when exposed to sunlight gives you a tan.  The irony is, a tan actually protects you from further sun damage but it causes damage in the process.  By increasing how dark your skin is without sunlight exposure, you get the good without the bad.  Melanotan drew a tremendous amount of popularity as a “cosmetic” enhancement since so many people enjoy having a tan.  And when the second version came out (Melanotan II,) by just altering a single molecule in the structure’s chain, it increased the desirable side effect of more melanin — an enhanced libido!  And it decreases appetite — a huge plus for those looking to lose weight or burn fat. This is sounding better and better, isn’t it?

 There is a caveat though.  (There always is). With some people, Melanotan will also increase all skin color, so if you have uneven skin tone or moles or even some pale, barely noticeable freckles, they can become very dark, leaving the skin blotchy. (Sorry). This is more prevalent in people over 50.  Have you noticed in older people that they tend to have “age spots?” Well, that’s melanin that’s risen to the surface of the skin over the years.   If you experience this side effect it will last as long as the tan lasts, which is around eight weeks. In rare cases, it can be permanent.  (Though “newly developed” dark spots and moles can usually be removed through laser treatment and even some OTC products, but the treatment itself can leave your skin looking red and irritated for a while).  So again, go slowly and see how you react. If you experience the benefits without the side effects, it’s something that can be a tremendous benefit in terms of looking good and feeling good while protecting your skin from sun damage.  Melanotan has been shown to be safe when used in therapeutic dosages. 

BPC-157 Research Peptides

This research peptide has earned the nickname of the “Wolverine” drug because it allows for rapid recovery from injuries, including severe damage to tendons and ligaments, and even organs.  In many cases, it accelerates the natural wound healing properties of the body by over  500%.   So a pulled or torn muscle that normally might take a couple of months to recover from would be back to normal within a week or two!  That may sound too good to be true, yet it is …but…not always.  (There’s that damn caveat again). Not everyone reacts the same to BCP -157.  While some claim it’s nothing short of a miracle, others’ response is a resounding ”meh.”  There is also a commercially available oral version but it’s only a fraction as effective as the injectable so it most probably will be just a waste of money.  BCP-157 is clearly a “try it and see” peptide — on your laboratory test animals of course. 


This is a relatively new addition to the research peptides family and it shows tremendous potential. In laboratory animals, it increased lifespan across the board by up to 25%.  Naturally, animal studies and human studies often differ, but that is a pretty remarkable result.  How and why it does this is still in the theoretical stage though there’s evidence that it protects the blood from various bacterial infections and bone marrow from mutations and aberrations that lead to degenerative illnesses.  Interesting stuff.


This compound is worth mentioning because IGF  affects all growth. That makes it extraordinarily powerful, in both a good and bad way. It is similar to insulin on a molecular structure and works similarly as well, shuttling glucose and nutrients to the muscles, enlarging them quicker than anything available.  But it’s not something to fool around with. The body can not produce the binding goblin to process IGF like others and keep it in check like other compounds.  An overdose can produce diabetic shock, and continued use with a tolerable dose, over time, can lead to an enlarged heart. There’s also the risk of falling into a coma. This is strictly for those at the top ranks of the competing bodybuilding field who are willing to take any gamble in the goal of getting bigger at any cost. And even then, it is a risky endeavor.  Don’t take this stuff lightly. At all!  

Ipamoralin and Tesamoralin

These two are being grouped together because they not only work similarly, but they are the last in the line of dozens of GH releasing peptides and are a much-improved version over the others, including the two that were regarded as best — Hexaralin and   GHRP-6.  Both work extremely well without side effects.  (In responsible dosages of course).  Anything that releases GH can make the user jittery if they’re sensitive to it. That isn’t anxiety, it’s actually a slight hypoglycemic reaction because GH burns carbohydrates extremely fast. (This is one of the reasons kids can eat a lot of calories, even crap calories, and stay thin as long as they stay active. It’s the high GH level).   With Ipamorelin, just 200 mcg twice a day is all that’s necessary to provide tighter skin, lower fat, and produce better sleep.  What’s especially interesting about Ipamorelin is that unlike the use of exogenous HGH, it does not affect bone growth.  There is empirical evidence that Tesamorelin is better for fat loss in men, especially in the abdominal area, though that theory is inconclusive.  Neither the Ipa or Tesa, seem to suppress natural GH release and may even help increase it once the peptide use is discontinued.

bpc 157
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Bremelanotide  (Also known as PT 141) 

A true aphrodisiac!  Bremelanotide or PT 141 is a totally new class of drugs called melanocortin agonists.  And as the name suggests, it too is related to melatonin. In fact, Bremelanotide is an offshoot, or to put in in simpler terms, a “concentrated” version of what gives Melanotan such powerful pro-sexual effects.  Bremelanotide has been proven to be outstandingly effective in both men and women. In fact, it has just been approved to be sold under the brand name Vyleesi, as a medication used to treat low sexual desire in women.  And it also helps a woman achieve an orgasm. This is a monumental advancement in the area of sexual relations since it’s been thought that what used to be called “frigidity” in women was something that was too often ignored in regard to the psychological state and considered impossible to cure through chemical or hormonal manipulation.  Bremelanotide has changed all we know about the condition. This was too important to ignore, not to mention, the economic potential is staggering. Of course, most people aren’t going to inject themselves, even with a tiny insulin needle,  so “Vyleesi” is a nasal spray.   This too is not as effective as the injectable but it does work. In men, Bremelanotide works in a completely different fashion than other sexual enhancers such as Viagra and Cialis. Those are nitric acid (NO) boosters and NO is needed to provide blood to the penis.  As anyone who has used either drug knows, they work very well, as long as there is arousal. It is certainly possible to experience impotence with the use of Viagra or Cialis is the desire is not there, or if there’s anxiety, nervousness, or any other psychological reason that is usually the cause of failure to achieve an erection.  With Bremelanotide, a 60-year-old man can experience spontaneous erections like that of a 16-year-old. This is something mankind has wished for since there have been wishes!  It is the veritable fountain of youth!  

And now for the downside.  (No getting away from it). 

Like with some other peptides, the user can experience some flushing about 10 minutes after injection which lasts for about 20 minutes. In most cases, this is a slight annoyance but with Bremelanotide it is intense! The user may turn beet red and feels, and look very hot.  (Ironically). That in itself may be a small price to pay but the flushing is the result of a severe spike in blood pressure, and that’s where things get sticky. Anyone on blood pressure medication or with a heart condition is playing with fire using Bremelanotide. It is strongly suggested that you have your blood pressure checked for any hint of hypertension before using it.  And it too can cause discoloration of the skin, though not as drastically as Melanotan. 

TB 500 (Thymosin) 

Thymosin is a synthetic research peptide that mimics a protein chain found in almost every part of the human body and is produced in high volumes when tissue is damaged.  In turn, its use works as an anti-inflammatory to speed the recovery of muscles, ligaments, tendons, and blood vessels.  You can almost consider Thymosin as “Growth Hormone on steroids!”  An additional factor is that TB 500 promotes cell migration, which is a fancy term for accelerating what the body does naturally when it is young — reproduce new healthy cells.  Athletes who are in high-stress training periods find this peptide especially attractive because it basically prevents overtraining. The more you train, the more it repairs, which in turn leads to greater progress.  Thymosin has recently been FDA-approved under the name Zadaxin to help those who have disorders of the immunity system. It’s also shown positive results in people with HIV and Hepatitis and looks to be a powerful contributor in warding off cancer.  Thymosin seems to have very low side effects though one of them is fatigue and weakness, NOT, what you want when trying to get as strong as possible.   But in cases where people have what was considered a“terminal” disease, it can be, literally, a lifesaver. 

So there they are… the BIG BOYS of Research Peptides and the frontrunners in a brave new world.    They are truly game-changers. Are you ready and willing to explore further?  That’s a personal decision and not irrespective of the particular laws in your state or country.  This is not a disclaimer, an endorsement, or a condemnation.  It’s simply the facts you need to understand what these remarkable compounds are capable of.   Proceed with caution. 

Peptides are indeed the wave of the future.  And the future is here.

Buying Research Peptides

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