Jerry Brainum Podcast: The Best Writer In Sports Nutrition & Bodybuilding

There are very few sports nutrition and bodybuilding authors that give you honest, intelligent, and cutting-edge information.  Most of the articles you read on the internet are nothing more than recycled information that you can find on 1,000 other sites.  Worse yet, most of the articles are bogus, phony, and have an agenda to sell you something.  These bogus articles give you incorrect information which leads to lost money on a wasted supplement purchase.  It is very difficult to tell what is truthful and honest and what is not.  Then you have message boards loaded with self-proclaimed experts that make believe they know what they are talking about, but meanwhile they have no clue.  This is particularly bad when it comes to anabolic steroids and SARMS because taking bad advice from one of these so-called experts can lead to serious health problems.  Therefore, where is one to turn for honest and truthful information about supplements and bodybuilding?

I’ve been writing articles about sports nutrition products like protein powders and similar for almost 20 years.  Since then many great authors have come and gone.  I have written about this previously because these authors are far and few in between.   I called the article Top Innovators In Sports Nutrition.

You’ll see the first person on that list is Jerry Brainum.  I had the pleasure last night talking to Jerry and it was a great conversion.  I consider Jerry the BEST writer in sports nutrition right now.  As far as supplements go, he is the man, THE BEST!  He will give you honest and informative information that is PROACTIVE.  I highly recommend that you subscribe to his newsletter.  Without question, you will get your investment back 10 fold with the amount of proactive information you’ll find inside his website called Applied Metabolics.