Breaking Down The Ingredients In Leptigen For a Scientifically Review

Leptigen is a popular weight loss supplement. According to Google, over 40,000 people search for “Leptigen” per month! This article aims to dissect the ingredients in Leptigen to determine, scientifically if this fat loss supplement works and what you can expect from Leptigen.

When it comes to buying weight loss supplements, there is a never ending supply to choose from. Most are nothing more than a waste of money. If a dietary supplement for weight loss actually worked then why would there be so many to choose from? The answer is because none of them work. If one did work and helped people lose weight, you would know about it. Instead, 99% of the weight loss supplements, when used to lose weight, do not work. These weight loss supplements do not work because of several reasons.

1. They contain ingredients that have never been proven to show they help reduce body fat.

2. They contain ingredients that are cheap Chinese generic versions the ones that actually do work.

3. Most people fail to take it for the amount of time required for it to help with weight loss.

4. They do not contain the ingredients that are listed on the label. Meaning the supplement is underdosed and would fail a label claims test.

As an expert in supplement manufacturing, I know which ingredients are on the market that can be used in fat burner and weight loss supplements that can help with fat loss. These ingredients, when used properly and in the amounts stated in their research studies, can help with weight loss. Keep in mind these weight loss ingredients are not strong. Most of these ingredients are “weak” to say the least. When I say weak, I mean that a weight loss of 2 to 3 pounds would be considered a success for these ingredients. However, in your mind, 2 to 3 pounds over the course of 3 months might not be good enough.

However, the funny thing is that the supplement companies take advantage of these weak, fat loss results and heavily marketed it as a huge and powerful success. Let me explain what I mean by this…

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a popular ingredient that is used by supplement companies in their weight loss supplements. Tonalin is a popular brand of CLA. If you go to, you’ll see how the website markets the product as a powerful weight loss ingredient. However, this is not the case. Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a very weak fat loss ingredient. Looking at the studies that have been conducted on CLA and weight loss you’ll find most prove the CLA is very weak. For example.

Here in this study CLA worked with animals but not really with humans.

conjugated linoleic acid


Even after all of this proof that CLA is a super weak, fat loss ingredient supplement companies still the market is as a powerful aid for weight loss.


In addition, do not be fooled by fake CLA reviews on  To learn more read this article on CLA

Before we dissect the ingredients in Leptigen, I want to make one thing clear. There is not one single fat loss ingredient that a supplement company has patented and kept all to themselves. Meaning if a company has invented a fat loss ingredient that can be used as a weight loss aid, they have offered it to the supplement industry as an ingredient to be used in their supplement. For example, Advantra Z. You can find this ingredient in many supplements, not just one. The reason for this is because the company that made it knows its a weak ingredient for fat loss, but with the help of the slick marketing tactics of the supplement companies, they have a better chance at selling more of their weak, fat loss ingredient.

Second, there is not one single fat loss supplement on the market that contains an ingredient that another supplement cannot get and put into their supplement. Meaning that you’ll never have a fat loss supplement that contains an ingredient that is “unique”. All fat loss supplements have ingredients that are common in many other fat loss supplements. So don’t think that a supplement company has a rare, never before used fat loss ingredient that is the latest and greatest, they don’t. They are just using a marketing trick on you to make you think you’re about to buy some special fat loss formula that is going to make you lose a ton of body fat.

Leptigen Ingredients

As a supplement expert, I have been buying and selling dietary supplement ingredients for almost 20 years. Therefore, it is easy for me to figure out where a particular fat loss supplement comes from and who makes it. I can also figure out if the supplement that it is used in is using the correct dose that matches up with any research studies in their marketing material.

First lets take a look at the supplement facts panel for Leptigen.


As you can see Leptigen contains 4 ingredients.  And just by looking at the supplement facts panel, two of the ingredients are BRANDED ingredients.  Branded ingredients are important to note because this means they are high quality ingredients.   The other two ingredients in Leptigen are not branded and most likely, made in China.

The first ingredient in Leptigen is Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is an ingredient that may help with weight loss.  However the best quality branded ingredient of Green Tea Extract is Teavigo.  Teavigo is made by DSM.  It contains the highest levels of ECGC and the least amount of purities.  Leptigen, from reading their supplement facts panel, does not contain Teavigo.  I would assume that they would have put Teavigo on the supplement facts panel like they did with the other two ingredients if they were truly using it.

In addition, on the Leptigen website they site a study trying to market that green tea is a powerful weight loss ingredient.  However the study, never states anything about how much weight or how effective it can be.

The second ingredient in Leptigen is Meratrim.  Meratrim is a branded ingredient made by a company called Lonza.  Meratrim does have some decent research behind it.  However, in order to see the significant results by using Meratrim you have to take it twice a day for 4 months.  One bottle of Leptigen is around $109.00 on Amazon for a one month supply.  Thus you’d need to spend around $400.00.  In my opinion, that is very expensive.

Another company called Life Extension makes a supplement that also contains Meratrim.  But it is only $29.25.  You’d get the same dose of Meratrim (400mg) but at a much lower price.


The third ingredient in Leptigen is chromium picolinate.  This was a fad weight loss supplement years ago, but some supplement companies still use it.  Studies have concluded that chromium picolinate does not help with any significant weight loss.


The last ingredient in Leptigen is caffeine.  Caffeine is used in most fat loss supplements.  Supplement companies use it for several reasons.

  1.  If people “feel” a supplement, they think it is working.  This marketing tactic is used by many supplement companies.  In my opinion this is why it is contained in Leptigen.  The weight loss and body fat reduction of caffeine at a dose of 75 mg will be less than effective.  That would be like drinking a 1/2 cup of coffee and saying that it will help you lose weight.  Coffee is not a weight loss aid, so why would using 75mg of caffeine in a weight loss supplement be effective?  It would not.

Leptigen contains four ingredients, and in my opinion only one of them can help with weight loss at any significant level.  The other three ingredients are pretty much a waste.  Therefore it does not make any sense to buy this supplement because you can buy Meratrim from other supplement companies at a signficantly lower price.

Finally it is very easy to re create the formula of Leptigen because they disclose the formula in the supplement facts panel.  However I would not bother with the caffeine because I have wrote several articles on how caffeine can hinder fat loss.  I am a firm believer in NOT using caffeine if you want to lose body fat.  If you want to use any fat loss supplement I would suggest checking out my fat loss supplement section.

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