Supplement Tidbits: Oats, Fish, HMB, & More

This article gives you small updates in the world of the protein/supplement/muscle growth/sports nutrition industry.  It is a collection of things about products that I think you’ll find interesting along with other stuff that I am working on.

Oat Protein Powder.

I used to sell oat protein powder.  But it was not selling at all so I had to discontinue it.  But as the “protein factory” I like to give everything a shot to see how well it performs in the consumer world.   A new study just came out about it that I found interesting.  People that trained and consumed oat protein powder recovered better than those that did not.  Oat protein powder might be great for baking high protein cookies and other baked goods.

Creatine does more than just build muscle.

I found this really interesting.  Creatine may help with brain injuries and improve cognitive function.   Here’s the study

New Supplement Coming Soon?

I always get a smile on my face when I see someone actually try to come up with a new supplement.  You’re never going to see a “big” supplement company come up with a new supplement as all their money is spent on marketing and paying people to say they use their product.  Some guy in the Netherlands I believe extracted something from Smilax.  Smilax was really popular in the 80’s.  I remember using it, as the guy in the vitamin store told me it would build muscle mass.  Dumb ass me, of course, bought it, and of course it did not work.  But laxogenin is an extract from Smilax and this guy that speaks Dutch decided to extract something out of it.  He found gym rats that took it gained muscle and strength!  Pretty cool.

If you want to experiment with the regular old laxogenin..not the one this guy was using, you can get it here.  PURELY EXPERIMENTAL

3 Cheers For Salmobolic 98 (Fish protein powder)

Suppversity just posted something to their Facebook page about fish protein powder that they did back in 2016.  I never saw this article, and I found it interesting, so I decided to share it with you.  Fish protein powders helps with weight loss.  The more and more I learn about fish protein and the more and more I eat it, I find that I am liking it.  Salmobolic 98 is a hydrolyzed salmon protein powder that comes from a great company.  I did a podcast with the chief scientific officer and he really turns out a high quality protein powder, unlike anything on the planet.

Capsimax Research

Last month I met with the business development manager of Capsimax and he was able to send me some materials to look at.  The weight loss industry is huge and to date, I feel there are just lousy products out there that they claim to “melt” the fat off.  Most suck.  Instead, Capsimax is a true, fat burner, as it will help you burn more fat than you normally would.    BTW Capsimax will be available end of this week or beginning of next week.

Here is what he emailed me…

Women Want More Muscle

When I go to the gym now I see more and more women pumping iron.  Back in the day, you would not see ONE female in the gym pumping iron.  Instead you’d see them doing aerobic classes and similar.  Now, when I try to use some dumbells, they are all being used.  The gym now is twice as crowded because of all the women working out.  All this I feel is because of Instagram.  Everyone now is a fitness model and wants to post themselves for everyone to see.  Women are benching, squatting, deadlifting and everything else!  That being said, women are turning to supplements to build muscle.  I wrote an article about this.

Why Women Are Suckers For Supplements & How Not To Be One


But I want to reiterate that women should not look for supplements that are “made” for women.  This is a scam.  Protein is protein and it does not work any differently inside the male body than the female body.  Same goes with fat loss supplements.  Capsimax is going to work the same way for a man, as it does for a women.  I can say this though.  WOMEN, need supplements more than men.  Meaning, women have a HARDER time putting on muscle mass and losing fat than men.  And this is because of one simple reason, testosterone!!   If a women wants to gain muscle, she needs to lift harder, eat more protein, and pay more attention to their diet if they want to get lean.

And just for the record, I only know if one raw material ingredients that are made for women, and they all have to do with menstrual periods.  But as far as muscle building and weight loss, no.

HMB, better than Deca?

When the supplement HMB came out, one company president claimed he used it and stated, “it is better than Deca!”  (which is an anabolic steroid).  However this was almot 30 years ago.  I have NEVER met one person that used HMB and then bought it again.  That’s how you know if someone likes something.  When I was making flavor systems back in the day, I would give someone a new flavored protein powder to try.  If they drank it and then did not drink it again, they did not like it.  But if someone drinks something and then drinks it again, you know they like it.  A little trick I used to use…lol.

But I still get questions about HMB and what I think about it and if I recommend it.  I could think of 1,000 other supplements and products I would buy before I bought HMB.  However, my job is not to convince you on the science.  My job is to simply let you know who and where to get the best quality.

Here is where you get HMB if you want to buy it.   You’d have to contact the company and have them recommend a buyer.

Inertia Wave Podcast.

I just did another Inertia Wave podcast with Dave Parise.  The guy knows his stuff.  One of my customers sent is a video of herself doing a booty workout with it.  Check it out.

Research and Development

I have a few things coming in on the horizon.

  1. Lentil Protein Powder.  I want to offer plant-based protein powder on my site and this is the #1 choice right now.  Here’s the raw material lentil protein, I will be using. As you can see, the stuff is pretty awesome.  I think a good combo would be the Salmobolic and this product.  Should be in stock mid September 2018.
  2. Muscle Shake is coming back in but, made with a combination of whey and casein protein.  The reason why I’m calling it Muscle Shake is because I had it made so when you mix it, it mixes so good, that you’ll think you’re drinking a shake.  All you need to do is add a banana and you think youre drinking a banana milk shake.  NOTHING added.  All that is in it is whey isolate, micellar casein, and sunflower lecithin.  But my manufacturing company in the Netherlands..yea, they know how to custom design protein powders!
  3. I’m working on something huge.  It is a completely different “idea” in the relm of the muscle growth industry.  And when I say different “idea”, it means it does not FIT into any category in the supplement niche.  Its not a protein, pre workout, amino acid, fat burner, weight gainer, blah blah blah.  It is completely new!  No hints, sorry, just wanted to tell you that I am always working on new products to help build muscle.