New CFM Native Whey Protein Now Available (Low Price)

CFM Native Whey Protein Concentrate is now available!  For the first time in the supplement industry, we introduce a whey protein concentrate made directly from milk.


native whey protein concentrate

10 lbs bag whey protein concentrate

native whey protein powder

I am making it available in 5 lbs and 10 lbs.

Here are the advantages:

  1.  You can use a native whey protein at a lower price.  Native whey isolate is expensive because I know of only a handful of companies that produce it in the world and it is a more expensive process.  Why?  Because it is not a by-product per se’.
  2. The taste is better.  Well let me say this another way, it has LESS of a taste if you know what I mean.  Whey protein coming from cheese, like our Mega Whey Protein, has a stronger DAIRY taste, native whey does not.
  3. More Leucine.  Native whey has a higher leucine content (in most cases).  Most of the time, native whey will have a higher leucine content, but because these are food products, sometimes cheese whey protein will be almost as high, but most of the it is lower.
  4. Higher DIAA.  The new way to measure protein quality is the DIAA.  Even though native whey has not been tested yet, I theorize that it will have a  high DIAA simply because it is not processed like cheese whey protein powder…just common sense.   Now you can see why we now sell the Muscle Shake, which is a native blend and now native whey concentrate.  I’m offering the highest DIAA available protein powders.  Do not take lightly #4 here.  Some people are getting off track, and alot of protein companies by selling protein powders that are coming from rice, pea, hemp, quinoa, and more.  The higher the DIAA the better chance that you will increase muscle protein synthesis.  That is the whole point of using a protein powder, well for me anyway, I want to gain MUSCLE!!  Seriously, look at the chart below and you’ll see that you are not going to want to get your protein from Wheat or Barley, it just does not make sense.

digestable protein scroe