New Study: How To Reduce Cancer & Other Diseases!

A study just came out that gave you the recipe to live longer. The study concluded that combining different types of exercise, cardio (light and intense), and weight lifting reduces your risk of getting a disease like cancer, BIG TIME!

Here is the study

However, what would happen to the risk if it was combined with healthy eating and the consumption of supplements like mushrooms and turmeric? I theorized that it would improve the reduced risk number. 


For me during the summer, I train with weights and calisthenics two days a week, surf at least once a week, and play hockey at least once a week.  

In addition, I’ll fast pretty much every day. (I don’t eat breakfast or lunch). And I take mushroom supplements and curcuminoids every day.  

I would recommend using these supplements daily in combination with exercise to reduce your risk of disease.