Is There Such a Thing As a “Safe Steroid”?

The debate regarding anabolic steroids and their safety is ongoing, and will probably remain so for a long time. Though after years of investigation, studies and the personal experience of tens of thousands of people, it’s safe to say that steroids are both not as dangerous as the media has made them out to be, and at the same time, they are not as benign as a lot of hardcore bodybuilders would like to believe. The truth, as is so often the case, falls somewhere in the middle.  There are also some steroids that have far more side effects than others. When considering which ones are the “safest” , the field can be narrowed down to what is considered the “top 4.” 


One: Testosterone


Although testosterone has its fair share of side effects it has two things going for it. First off, it’s very effective at dosages that are still within the safety range, so  high dosages aren’t needed. That makes the risk to benefit ratio very favorable. And also, it’s a substance that the body recognizes as something it naturally produces. Since it isn’t being  treated as chemical or drug, it isn;t really a “foreign substance” and consequently,  it is tolerated quite well.    Though in high dosages, testosterone can inflict severe damage to one’s health, including gynecomastia, impotence and hypertension. It will also suppress natural testosterone production. Less severe side effects are acne and water bloat.  There are health advantages to testosterone though. In reasonable dosages testosterone prevents against heart attack, while at high dosages it can cause one.  At low dosages it creates a sense of well being and boosts mood while at high dosages it can cause irritability.  So as you can see, the proper application makes all the difference.  A good “starter” dosage is  400 mgs a week for no more than 6 weeks.  


 Two: Anavar


Anavar (or what is commonly  referred to as “Var”) is regarded as a mild oral steroid that has a variety of uses. For someone who’s never  before used steroids it’s a good “entry” drug in that it doesn’t have a lot of harsh side effects. Of course, that’s only if dosages stay within reason. Therein lies the paradox. With Anavar, what makes it safe, makes it not very effective. And once it becomes effective, it’s not so safe.


 Anavar is also thought to be less liver toxic than other oral steroids but that too is up for debate. Realize, the recommended therapeutic dose is 5 mrs a day.  Sure, at 5mgs it’s perfectly safe, but that would be worthless for muscle building purposes. The recommended dose for building muscle is ten time that amount. And that’s where the liver damage gets serious.  Anavar is 17 alpha alkalized which means it’s chemically treated to NOT be broken down by the liver — making it far more effective for a longer time.  But that produces a tremendous strain to the liver. So although the drug itself may not be very toxic, the 17 alpha alkalization is what’s so damaging. Still, if dosages are kept to 25 mgs a day and a cycle does not exceed 4 weeks Anavar can produce some decent results, though not dramatic results. In other words, you won’t put on much mass, but the quality of muscle will be better. This makes Var a favorite among women who want more muscle hardness and definition without added bulk. 


Three: Primobolan


Being the most anabolic of all steroids with very low androgenic properties, Primoblan is perhaps the most “perfect” steroid (or as perfect as can be).  It’s almost  side effect.  But there’s a catch.  (There’s always a catch).  Primobolin by itself will not yield massive gains in size. That’s actually good since real muscle growth is slow and solid whereas quick gains tend to be mostly water. For this reason people mistaken think that Primo takes a long time to “kick in.”  That is not so.  It starts working immediately, but growing solid muscle takes time. 


Since Primo works by retaining nitrogen it is essential that you take in a lot of protein in order for it to  work well.  That’s another mistake  people make with Primo — eating a sub par diet without sufficient protein.  No matter what, muscle growth is contingent on protein.  A high protein diet along with additional protein supplements makes Primo work at its best.


Primobolan is also the mist expensive steroid, and because of this it is also often faked.  


Primobolan is considered a good choice for women due to its low androgenic qualities and lean gains.  Women obviously want to avoid excessive bulkiness and the smoothness that comes from water retention.  Also, since estrogen creates a “soft” look, steroids that aromatize can destroy the aesthetic they’re attempting to achieve.  Since Primo is so low in androgenic qualities it side steps the masculinizing side effects most women seek to avoid —  hair loss, tougher skin, body hair growth, tougher skin, a deeper voice and even irreversible enlargement of the clitoris.   


If safety is your main concern, Primo stands up to it’s name as being “Number One.”  


Four:  Proviron


Proviron produces results similar to Primobolan — clean, lean and with low risk of side effects. Yet, curiously, it works from what is essentially the exact opposite method.  Proviron is  PURE ANDROGEN. In fact, it’s a derivative of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) which carries all the androgenic qualities, both good and bad.  In other words, it increases strength, muscle hardness and  libido. DHT is necessarily in order to achieve an erection. (It’s actually what allows the penis to grow during puberty).  It also isn’t very suppressive. You can get a nice androgen boost without lowering your own testosterone levels. 


The downside — it can be hard on the hairline and accentuate prostate hypertrophy. And it has almost no anabolic qualities, which means it doesn’t do much in terms of building mass.  Proviron also has the unique ability  to block Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) and that not only prevents the development of estrogen it allows more circulating testosterone who become “free.”  “Free” testosterone is the only testosterone that is active and can impart its effects. This makes Proviron an outstanding “add-on”  to a performance enhancement drug cycle. 


Naturally, no supplement can work as well as a drug though there are now supplements that can replicate the effects of some of these drugs with ANY of the potential side effects.  Bio Serum from Protein Factory brings anabolism to another level making it similar to a light Primobolan cycle and UNLEASHED will do  exactly what Proviron does. It lowers SHBG, thus increases “Free” testosterone along with the benefits of harder muscles, increased strength heightened  libido and  improved erectile function.  It’s also is the perfect “add-on”  to a supplement cycle as well as a steroid cycle. And it is 100% side effect free.  UNLEASHED even helps in recovery post cycle! 


So if you’re considering a steroid cycle, make it one that doesn’t possess the risks that go along with it.  And make the most of it by using supplements that will enhance the effects. Or, you can first try an aggressive supplement cycle with adequate amounts of Bio Serum and double dosing of UNLEASHED. You might very well be amazed at the results.