Some Updated SARM & Peptide Commentary

How Much VK5211 (Ligandrol) Should You Use?

Every day I see a new “expert” and I use that term very sarcastically, talking about SARMs on Youtube. The amount of misinformation and poppycock coming out of their mouths is absolutely ridiculous.

The most popular SARM is what peptide sellers are calling Ligandrol. But that is not even the name of this SARM anymore. The correct name is VK5211. VK stands for Viking Therapeutics.

I went ahead and looked at the data from their Phase 2 clinical trial to see if I can see any dosages used by the subjects. The maximum dosage was 2 mg per day. Most of these so-called SARM experts are recommending 10 mg per day.

In addition, the trial lasted 24 weeks. Long time huh? However, gains seem to max out after 12 weeks.

What does this all mean?
If one is going to self administer VK5211 they should take 2 mg per day for a minimum of 12 weeks.

Most of these SARM websites that are selling liquid VK5211 it comes in 15 ml bottles at 10mg per ml.

That gives you a total of 150 mg
2mg X 7 days (1 week) is 14 mg

14 mg X 12 weeks is 168 mg

So you need at least that much.

Don’t assume that more is better.

There is always the assumption that more is better when it comes to supplements and drugs. Not sure why….but that is what people assume. “If 100mg is good, I’ll take 500mg, to make it great!”

Most of the time this is not the case and it will backfire on you.

There is a reason the company that is actually developing the VK5211, which pay their employees millions of dollars of year, to dose it at 2mg. Not these idiots on Youtube that know nothing firing out their ass 10mg per day. Maybe that is making matters worse.

Who do you believe, the idiot wanna be SARM expert on Youtube or the company that is actually developing VK5211?

Rethink the dosage of VK5211 and maybe it will result in more muscle mass.

Be Smart If You Are Going To Use Drugs

Select androgen receptor modulators are drugs. They are not supplements, nor are they natural.

Follow up email from yesterday in which I talked about VK5211, which 99% of SARMs sellers and wanna be SARM experts call ligandrol or LGD 4033….
The problem with all of these so-called experts on social media is that they are pushing for the sale and use of SARMs. They want you to buy them, or they want you to believe they are an expert. So they will talk as positively as they can about SARMs.

Most talk about how SARMs do not convert to estrogen or DHT. But the fact of the matter is that they again…have no clue what they are talking about.
Check out this quote from a recent study on SARMs as recent as 2019.

“….the development of SARMs has been largely disappointing.

To firmly state that a certain SARM like RAD 140 or Ostarine (which BTW is not even being researched anymore) does not convert to estrogen is very misleading. And basing this conclusion on animals is completely absurd.

There is simply not enough research done to firmly state this.
Here’s the bottom line. Do I think SARMs are awesome? Hell Yea. Do I think they are 100% side effect free? Hell no!!

Which one would I use if I had to use one?

VK5211 (Ligandrol) or RAD 140 (testolone).

I would use the research study dosage on VK5211 and I’ll research more on the RAD 140 for you at a later date.

Would I get my blood work done after my usage?

1000% yes.


I would use a post cycle supplement after my cycle is completed.
This is the smart approach to SARMs use. Not stacking, not combining with steroids, not believing that one won’t be subject to side effects.
And most important…don’t believe any of these so-called experts on social media. The research studies on SARMs are far and few in between. From what I can find the most recent published research on SARMs was back in January 2019.

It would be great to see an actual human study, but I do not see that happening anytime soon. So be smart!

Update: 6/7/20 Is This Research Peptide For Growth Hormone A Dud or A Stud?


Make no mistake about it, the research peptide “industry”, and I use that term very lightly, has just as many sleaze balls in it as the supplement industry. Even if a product does not work, companies will continue to market it to the masses. Take for example, HMB and CLA. These two supplements I like to call Duds. Yes, they are made by good companies, yes there are a bunch of studies coming to the conclusion they do have their desired effect.

BUT…they suck.

Just go right ahead and buy yourself a giant jug of HMB, because you need a decent amount of that supplement to “work”, and see what happens. Or really, see what does not happen. I’ve been in the supplement business for 20 years and HMB must have been around for almost that long as well, and I do not know one single person who would re-purchase HMB. Same with CLA, it is promoted, to this day, by hundreds of supplement companies as a potent fat loss compound. Again, consume 3 grams of CLA for 12 weeks and let me know how your fat loss goes?

But in regards to research peptides and SARMs. You have the same thing. In this case I looked MK 677, which is sold on the net as a potent growth hormone compound (fact: it is a drug). Upon further digging, like Ligandrol, MK 677 is not called MK 677, nor really Ibutamoren. MK 677 is now called LUM-120, and is being developed by a pharmaceutical company called Lumos Pharma. They are developing this drug for children that need growth hormone because of slow growth and other medical issues. And they want to replace injections of growth hormone with a pill.

However, when I looked at the most up to date research studies I found this….

In conclusion, oral administration of the GHS MK-677 stimulates GH secretion. However, prolonged oral administration for 6 weeks does not promote growth and abolishes the GH stimulatory effect of MK-677, potentially resulting from increased expression of SST in the hypothalamus. 

Which means that it came to the conclusion that Lum-120 does not promote growth.

And this was in 2018. I have not found any studies after this and if one is going to find any studies, it is going to be conducted by LUMOS Pharma because they are the ones that are developing it. The only exception might be if some international company does something, but I highly doubt it.

Here is a screen shot of where the Lum-120 is regarding development.

Now the question remains, do I think that LUM-120 would be a good thing to use for bodybuilding purposes.


Studies indicate that it does not promote growth. And possible after 6 weeks the effects are completely void.

I would wait until Lumos Pharma comes out with another study. In the mean time if you are interested in growth hormone products, there are some that are much better, check out this article I wrote a couple months ago.

Update 6/9/20: I Don’t Get Why Ostarine Is Still Being Used.

I remember when I first started researching SARMs, Ostarine seemed to be the most popular. Head over to some of the message boards, and Youtube comments, and people are bragging about their gains. But I think Ostarine might be a crock of donkey dung simply sold for a nice profit.

Here’s why…

The pharmacuetical industry I feel, is probably one of the most diabolical industries in the world. The companies in this sector are in it for one reason and one reason only….MONEY. Don’t fall for the bullshit that they care about people’s health and blah blah blah. Yea, some people working at these companies sure do, but the people that own boatloads of shares of the company only wish for one thing, and it is not for people’s health, it is for the share price of the stock to go up.

It works like this. Company XYZ is trying to develop a drug to treat a certain condition. The stock price might be $1.50 per share. The CEO and all this co-workers also own shares. And I’m not talking about a few hundred. I’m talking millions of dollars worth of stock of their own company. They put the drug through clinical trials and then one day (hopefully) it is approved by the FDA for use. Once this news is published, the stock rockets skyward, now the stock is $20.00 a share. The CEO that owned 5 million dollars worth of stock. Now owns 100 million. Yes it is that big.

In the case of Ostarine, it did not go so well. In 2010 , Merck abandon Ostarine…hmmm wonder why, and handed it over to a company called GTX. GTX then renamed it Enobosarm. They tried to develop it to help cancer patients increase lean muscle and strength. That did not work. Yes the studies turned out by GTX might show promising, but this article totally debunked it. Endobosarm could not even increase strength in a stair climb by 5%.

Next, they tried to use Enobosarm for something else….that failed. That was back in 2013. Consequently, this will the kill shot for Enobosarm, and the stock of GTX dropped 90%. And the research on Enobosarm ended. Since then it has been dead in the water.

So why the heck would anyone use a SARM called Ostarine, which it is not even called that anymore, that has been discontinued by the company that was supposed to develop it because it failed to produce any results?

I repeat…..

FAILED!! It does not work!! If it did work, Merck and GTX would not have ended their development of the product. And look, it is not like they have $5,000 invested in the development of Enobosarm. GTX poured in 35,000,000 into it.


And they gave up on it. So why the hell do you think all of a sudden Enobosarm is going to magically work for a bodybuilder? And anyone claiming it does, either is selling the product for a profit, getting a placebo effect, or they are taking something they think is Enobosarm but it is not.