Do Not Use SARMS Until We Complete Our Testing.

A few months ago I started to investigate a group of potential muscle building compounds called SARMS.  SARMS AKA selective androgen receptor modulators are being used by people as potential muscle building products.  However one must be aware of certain facts surrounding these products.

  1. They are NOT supplements.  They are drugs.  Many companies are selling these products as dietary supplements.  They are anything but dietary supplements.  They are unequivocally drugs.  Here is one pharma company that makes them. GTX
  2. They are not allowed to be sold for human usage.  Many supplement companies are selling these products to look like supplements.  Take a look at some I found below.
  3. The FDA is looking to potentially criminally prosecute anyone selling these as dietary supplements.

Here is a pretty big supplement company that used to sell a product called SARM X.  (keep in mind that I cannot verify that it did actually contain a SARM.)


Here are a few things that shows you just how shitty the supplement industry really is.

  1. SARMS are not made in the United States, they are made in China.  Therefore the quality is suspect.
  2. Being that this product is illegal to use, this company above made this supplement in violation of the FDA 111’s.  (if it did actually contain a SARM)
  3. Anyone can easily sue a supplement company for creating SARMS and selling them as supplements ( if it truly did contain a SARM. ) (Ostarine, LDG 4033, RAD 140).  Essentially they created a product that could be very dangerous and pawned it off as a dietary supplement.  They we’re very deceptive.   The product is clearly labeled, DIETARY SUPPLEMENT.
  4. Anyone can easily sue for selling it.  Again, SARMS such as LDG 4033, RAD 140, Ostarine, and Stenabolic SR9009 are all chemicals, not dietary supplements.
  5. Contract packagers, who make most dietary supplements distributed today, are what I like to call, the “head” of the sleaze ball industry, for they are the ones making these illegal supplements.

Therefore I ponder this question, How could a big time supplement company make a product like this?  How could the FDA allow it?  Why would a supplement company make a product like this?

I have a few answers to those questions.

The supplement industry is simply filled with greedy people who will sell you anything to make a buck and could care less about your health and safety.  These SARMS are a classic example.  Here you have a supplement company that goes out and seeks a chemical product that is 100% NOT a dietary supplement.  Not only is it not a supplement, but it is a chemical.  It is 100% unnatural.  They mis label it, mis branded it, and illegally sell it to you.  They ignore all the federal regulations for dietary supplements 111’s.  Now why in God’s name would you ever trust anyone selling SARMS as a dietary supplement and use any of their products?  I’d love to see the master manufacturing records of the SARMS products that any of these supplement companies whom sold SARMS (LDG 4033, RAD 140, or SR9009) .  You see these are the records that have all the batch records and testing.  You can see whom supplied them, whom made it, and what kind of testing was done on these SARMS before they were released into commerce.   Below is another classic example of a SARM being labeled a dietary supplement, when clearly they are lying, it is not.



Here is something that is blowing my mind away.  SARM powder on AMAZON!!  Is Amazon that stupid?  How is this stuff legally being sold on Amazon?  People are clearly not using it for “research”.


[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”500″ identifier=”B01DMKJFMI” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”bp025-20″ width=”500″]


If you click on the powder above, you’ll see the reviews on this SARM powder, called Ostarine.  Which means in Amazon’s eyes, people are consuming it.

In the next few months, my company is going to be testing SARMS like, Stenabolic, Ostarine, and RAD 140.  We are going to see who is scamming the consumer and who is ripping them off.

In all fairness, the companies that are pictured above selling SARMS have discontinued them.  However you can still easily buy them as some supplement online stores still have them.  If these companies truly cared about their customers they would issue recall on all SARMS that they manufactured in the past.

However there are still companies out there who are selling SARMS.  Most are selling them NOT as dietary supplements, but research chemicals.  Which I still don’t know if that is illegal or not.

But you can still find some idiots selling them as supplements.  Like these idiots.  Where the fuck is the FDA?  I know, they are up my ass, wanting to see an identity test for my whey protein….


In conclusion, do not use SARMS until I complete my testing.  It is going to be a few months before I do so.  I can tell you most likely I am not going to recommend any USA companies.  Most likely, I will find a source overseas, and tell you that they are selling legitimate SARMS.  But until that time, do not buy any SARMS.