Best Upper Abs Workout With Jordyn

Working all three sections of your abdominals is super important if your goal is to have a six pack. There are different exercises that can specifically target each of these sections. Today I am going to be showing you the best upper abs workout.

Let me start off by saying that upper abs are the easiest section to target. The reason behind this is that just about every abdominal workout that you part take in, whether it be targeting your lower or obliques, requires that you use the strength from your upper abdominals as well. They are also known to be the first “showing” section because belly fat is stored mostly in the lower stomach and on the sides of your stomach.

The Best Upper Abs Workout:

  1. Elevated Reverse Crunch- 20×5, Start lying on a flat elevated bench with your lower half just at the the end of the bench. Hold onto the top of the bench with your hands over your head. Lift your bent legs upward until your lower back is about two inches off the bench and slowly lower down. When you lower down, make sure that your back is not arching- this way you are working your abs.
  2. Bosu Ball Crunch- 20×5, Lay on a boss ball with your back arched over the hump of the ball. Bend your knees and crunch upward.
  3. Plank Rocks- 30×5, With a flat back, and head facing upward, start in a flat plank position. By moving from your toes to the tips of your toes, rock back and forth while flexing your stomach.
best upper abs workout
best upper abs workout

In conclusion, I hope that you enjoy the best upper abs workout!

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