Chest Workout | Effective and Quick

Chest Workout | Effective and Quick

 In all the sets I am concentration on working the correct muscle. Many People don’t concentrate and learn the wrong movement. Muscle memory has been used to describe various muscle-related tasks seem to be easier to perform after previous practice, even if the task has not been performed for a while. It is as if the muscles “remember”. Which means teaching the muscle the wrong motion is BAD. Recorrecting the motion is harder. 

When doing drop sets choose weights that can be done properly. If you are doing the exercise wrong because of weights being to heavy you will hurt yourself causing injury and not work the muscle properly. 


Understanding why women work the chest muscle is another issue. Women have the pec muscle. Symmetry is a big part of chest work-outs. When working out Yes, you will lose your chest. What remains will get a lift from the exercises.  


For the first workout don’t lock your elbows. Keep them slightly bent. I make sure to never lock out my elbows always keeping pressure on the muscle. I do go back a little more to give the muscle a good stretch. For Dumbbell Incline Make sure to keep your shoulders back and feet on the ground. Never on the bench or pegs. 



Dumbbell bench press Incline

1st set 8 reps then drop 5 pounds 8 more  reps

2nd set 8 reps drop 5 pounds 8 more reps

3rd set 6 reps drop 5 pounds 8 more reps. 


On Decline bench Press Not the machine make sure not to lock out your arms once again. Feet flat on the floor if possible if they dangle do not cross them. Also make sure when pushing out to squeeze your chest muscle. 

Decline Press. 


I started a little heavy I am in a new gym and was unsure of weight. 

1st set 6 Reps. 

2nd set Drop Sets 8 Reps drop 20 pounds 6 more reps. 

3rd set 6 reps drop 20 pounds 8 reps.

4th set  6 reps drop 20 pounds and max out  (9 and single arm for 3 ) To exhaust the muscle 


This Workout watch my hands as you can hold different ways if you have a harder time feeling the burn in your chest. This is a great finisher cause you get a good stretch and can decrease weight to get a good burn.  Make sure again to keep elbows bent and feet flat on the ground. I am 4’11 and I hate sitting cause I cross my legs so I choose to stand and make sure to keep knees bent. If you lock out you lose blood flow throughout the body. 


Pec Dec Flys

1st set 10 reps 

2ns set 15 reps  

3rd set 10 reps

4th set 15 reps ( Max out Till you feel a crazy burn and exhaust the muscle.) 

I do recommend doing Bench Press Which Was not Shown in this video. I like hitting bench for 

5 sets . Only 2 min pauses and making sure to hit 6 reps only.The first two sets I do Pause Reps to get the muscle burning. The last 3 are done in a flowing motion as they get harder and the muscle starts to burn. Quick and Easy! 

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