Try These Combinations for Results & Some Research Updates

I see many of my customer’s orders coming through, and some people put together some awesome combinations. Here are some that you might be interested in. Keep in mind I have customers that have been buying from Protein Factory for about 20 years. Some people really know what they are doing when it comes to stacking supplements.

The first combination is this, I just call this one SOLID GAINS!

  • Rilose
  • Total Frag 250
  • Creatine

The customer that puts this stack together knows that this one is SOLID and gains are going to happen. He grasps the insulin concept and adds creatine.

Here’s an order I saw the other day, and I said to myself…this guy gets it for sure. Here is what he purchased.

  • Salmobolic
  • Creapure
  • Capsimax
  • Tectanic
  • Oatmuscle
  • Curcumin
  • Muscle Shake

One cannot go wrong with this stack. He has all his bases covered and is primed for muscle growth nutrition. SMART person right here!

Here’s another little stack that I love. BASIC but effective.

  • Muscle Shake
  • Oatmuscle
  • Capsimax
  • Unleashed

I can tell this person wants to lose body fat. I see him ordering all the time. 

  • Lean Pro Peptides
  • Capsimax
  • Caldrol 500

Ok so there you have it. A few stacks that I love to see when my customers are ordering.

Some tidbits:

If you are interested in purchasing fucoidan I found the best ingredients. It’s called Maritech 926. It comes from New Zealand and from THE manufacturer to get it. I think overall, it’s one of the best superfoods one can consume. Cancer, aging, skin, cardio…its just a great one to consume daily instead of a multi-vitamins.  

A company from Denmark made a new whey protein with higher levels of leucine. It should be available next year. 

Another company made a way to process whey protein using less heat. Only available in Europe right now, but I’m on it for when it becomes available in the U.S.A.

I found some info on some Chinese herbs that increase red blood cells…like anabolics…so I’ll pursue that.

I found new collagen that was just patented. Now you may know I DO NOT recommend collagen simply because it is AN INCOMPLETE protein!!! It is NOT a protein supplement. Yes, you can use MARINE collage for skin and anti-aging. But NOW, with this new collagen… it’s a complete protein! Pretty cool. More to come…

I saw a company pushing soy protein powder again…using some recent studies. Yes, soy protein has a great amino acid profile, and yes, that will hemp with muscle growth. HOWEVER, you can’t get past its ability to increase estrogen in the human body…stay away from it. ZERO reasons to use it. 

I saw another company pushing cricket protein powder. It is decent; however, no reason to use it unless you’re a climate-changing saving, sustainability type of person, so I guess that is your reason. Use cricket protein instead of dairy to save the planet.

Finally, some company developed a powder called dileucine. They claim it will help build muscle better than free form leucine. I will keep an eye on this one for you. 

Always researching you!!!