This Topic Is So Taboo, One Giant Company Refuses to Acknowlege It

Protein Spiking is the latest scam supplement companies are using to rip you off. Essentially, they lie about how much ACTUAL protein they are putting in their products. I feel any protein company caught protein spiking should be banned from the supplement world. In addition, all retailers and wholesalers should stop carrying the brands that protein spike. However this one Giant retailer refuses to discontinue selling spiked protein. That company, continues to sell brands that are allegedly protein spiking…

If you Google anything related to protein, working out, bodybuilding, supplements, you name it… comes up in the search results on the first page 9 outta 10 times. Try it, its fun. Bodybuilding fuckin’ dot com..They freakin OWN google search results…good job Google BTW….

But for some strange reason, when you Google protein spiking….nothing from comes up?


I went over to and did a search for “protein spiking”.



Wonder Why? Things that make you go HMMMMMMMMM!  I like singing this song as I search protein spiking!  LMAO!!