Update On SARMS & A Couple Of Other Supplement Tidbits

SARMS (select androgen receptor modulators) have become very popular because they seem to be successful at building muscle in most people that use them.  When they first “hit the market”, supplement companies tried to sell them as well…supplements.    Meanwhile, in reality, SARMS are drugs, they are not supplements.  If you want to buy them they can easily be found on the internet and in local “hardcore” supplement shops in your area.   If you want to buy them make sure you read this blog post before making any purchases.

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I have been researching them quite often in the last few months and I have some more cool information to share with you.

New Type of SARM

First is a new SARM from the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline.  They are large pharma company from England.  A study was just released about their SARM called GSK2881078.  The study concluded that their SARM increase lean muscle mass in both men and women and was well tolerated.   I have not seen this SARM being sold on the black market yet.  But I will continue my research.


A SARM That Works As Good As Testosterone Propionate.

Anabolic steroids are synthetic versions of testosterone.  One popular anabolic steroid is testosterone propionate.  Taking 200 mg a week of this steroid would put on considerable muscle mass for most people that use it.  Lilly Research has created a new SARM that works just as good as testosterone propionate according to the research study.

Lilly research is also claiming in the study that it has less side effects and can be taken transdermally.

Don’t forget if you are going to use SARMS that you increase your protein intake.  Nothing can be worse than not supplying your body with amino acids and BCAA’s which are the building blocks of muscle.  Your body does NOT make BCAA, you need to consume them to get them.  Any of our protein powders will do.  You want to DOUBLE your protein intake.  In addition take your creapure.  That will help your muscle building stack as well.

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New Supplements

The supplement industry is in a slump right now as far as coming out with new and cutting edge supplements.  As far as the new supplement companies that pop up every 5 minutes touting how their products are better than everyone else’s and that they are different from everyone else’s, the fact of the matter is that they are JUST like everyone else’s and not different whatsoever.  If I hear another new supplement company talk about their “movement” I’m going to puke.  99% of the supplement companies in existence do not INVENT their own products, they simply steal the idea from another company.  I have not seen a new bodybuilding supplement invented since I created the world’s only natural follistatin powder a few years back.

The real creators of new products are the companies that attend Supply Side West.  In the past I have attended these expo’s and I have found companies developing products for the sports nutrition industry.  It seems that there is more money selling products to supplement companies and have them market it, then doing it themselves.  That is why you’ll find products like Creapure sold by dozens of supplement companies.  Alzchem, the German company that manufacturers Creapure, chooses to sell it to distributors instead of selling it directly themselves.

What bugs me is when I see supplement companies pretend to be all scientific and whatnot.  Giving themselves pharmaceutical sounding names, and making believe they have science, research and development parts of their companies.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  I don’t know one single supplement company that has a “lab” where they do research.  It’s all bullshit.

That being said, when and how we going to see new supplements.  The answer, I’m not sure.  From what I am seeing so far at Supply Side West, is a few new weight loss ingredients and not much else.  Sadly the sports nutrition industry will continue to be in a slump.

The only thing NEW coming out that has to do with muscle building are the new SARMS I mentioned above, and they are not supplements, they are drugs.  However, as time goes by I’m finding that the new SARMS coming out are becoming more safer sounding.

Finally, as always I am constantly working on new things.  I have like 3 or 4 products in the works at all times.   So always make sure you check your emails from me.