Phytosterol Free Protein Powder Blend Coming Soon

A few months ago I wrote an article about phytosterols.  In this article is explained how I invented the use of egg lecithin in protein powders because soy lecithin contained phytosterols, which have estrogenic-like properties.   However, the evil supplement manufacturers in the world decided to use sunflower lecithin as the soy lecithin replacement to fool the consumers.  Little did the consumer know that sunflower lecithin contains just as many phytosterols as soy lecithin.  There is absolutely no difference.  It was not until I wrote the article above that this was exposed.  This discovered has lead to a problem in the protein industry.  How do we avoid phytosterols if you DO believe they could be hurting your muscle gains and increasing your fat gains?  The answer is to simply avoid it by using protein powders such as:


Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Powder 520

Silk Cocoon Protein

Advanced BCAA

Leucine Peptides

However these are all fast digesting proteins.  And if you have ever talked to me over the phone or via text message 732-901-9600, you’ll know that when someone asks me, “What is the best protein powder?”, I respond with a blend of fast and slow digesting proteins.

There is a very good article by one of the world’s foremost experts on protein powder and muscle protein synthesis, entitled.

Protein and Minerals in the Athlete’s Diet:  How Fast and Slow Digesting Proteins Are the Most Beneficial To Athletes

You can read the article here

I suggest everyone read this article because it gives you a very good understanding of the history of protein powders and the studies behind them.

Then after you read the article you are going to want to start using protein blend.  Well, a combination of whey protein and casein protein.  In addition you are going to want to consume it without any artificial garbage and without any testosterone lowering stevia, and without any estrogenic soy and/or sunflower lecithin.

That was my goal over the last few months was to make available the world’s first phytosterol free whey/casein protein blend.

In a couple of weeks it will be available and I hope everyone is excited as I am to start using it.