Accept My Apology & Get Ready To See Some Bad Ass Sh*&!

First, I’d like to start off by apologizing for the last couple of years.  I’m apologizing for the lack of information I have been giving to my loyal customers, current customers, and people whom haven’t purchased anything from my company yet.  Information that I feel you deserve.  Let me explain briefly why I am apologizing.

If you do not know who I am, my name is Alex Rogers, and I own this company, is almost 18 years old now.  Years ago I started this company out of my garage. In my garage, I invented protein customization.  Protein customization is the ability to make any protein formula you want, flavor too.  Protein customization went well for years.  All of my customers were enjoying their custom formulas.  And at the same time I was dishing out a ton of information about supplements.  That information was…how can I put this…not the norm.  You see, I have a personally hatred for most supplement companies.  I think their whole business model is to scam the customer.  Sell them shit and package it up nice, so they think it’s high quality stuff.  I would talk about this on my site, publish it to social media, etc.  Other supplement companies hated me for this. I was exposing their lies.  Not only did the supplement companies hate me, but their distributors hated me as well.  I was threatening their livelihood.  Mom and Pop stores hated me as well. Essentially when they were selling a ton of Gamma-O, I was saying what a scam it was.  While they were selling whey protein concentrate I was saying that whey isolate was better.  Because of this, I was sued, threatened, harassed, and even one point some guy came to my business and tried to break in.  It was a crazy time.  But that didn’t stop me.  I continued to sell custom protein until 2013. Rewind 1 year before and enter the FDA.  They began an inspection and under their new laws it essentially made it impossible to make custom protein anymore.  In August 2013, we stopped making custom protein.  We had to change our whole business model.  Part of that business model was to bring in a new marketing guy.  This new marketing guy was not a smart choice.  We went from a company that provided great information about supplements that was truthful, honest, independent, & unorthodox to a company that was focused on the next big sale.  Instead of making informative YouTube videos and cutting edge articles, we were focusing on the next discount or sales pitch.  This was a mistake.  I admit that.  I’m not blaming my marketing guy at all because it is my company…I’m in charge & I take responsibility for my actions.  But one day I realized that this was not MY company.  My company is unlike any other supplement company out there.  Nobody on the face of the earth can do what I do.  I don’t care how many millions of dollars they have.  ART cannot be duplicated.  A famous quote I saw the other day said something like this.

A laborer works with his hands

A craftsman works with his hands and head

An artist works with his hand, head, and heart.

I am an artist of the supplement industry and I have not been sharing my art form with you for the past 2 or 3 years.

So I realized that my company was not what I wanted. It lacked a feel or “branding” as marketing people call it.  I struggled for months trying to figure out WHO was.  Then one day it hit me.

The Proteinfactory is me…

It’s original:  because nobody can do what I do

It’s independent:  because we don’t use distributors or wholesalers…we sell direct

It’s unorthodox:  because when everyone is saying buy this..I say don’t buy it. is a maverick supplement company.

I realized that I need to get back to what I did best.  INFORMATION about supplements.  Information that I have been withholding for the past 3 years.  So that is what I am going to do.  Spew out supplement information like no tomorrow.  Some of it will be awesome.  Some of it will piss you off, some of it will question you.  Some of it will offend you.  Some of it you’ll love.  But it will be information about supplements as a take it or leave it approach.

Last month I fired my marketing guy, so no more stupid pictures or cheesy sales pitches.

The website is going to change this week or next.  When you get to it, it will be CONTENT and articles first and shop second.  You’ll notice I changed the logo which is on the Facebook page as well.  Our packaging is going to reflect the new logo.

Once again, I apologize and I look forward to providing you with the best supplement information the world has ever seen.

And to other supplement companies, distributors, wholesalers, mom and pop supplement stores….

I’m baaaaaaaaaaack.  Get ready to be pissed the FUCK OFF!!

P.S.  Please SHARE this post on Facebook and start to spread the word that I’m back.  Smarter, deadlier, more dangerous than ever before.  Kinda like when Anakin Skywalker came back in Revenge of the Sith.  Bad ass motha fucker.