Another Reason NOT To Use Flavored Protein Powder

About five years ago, I removed all artificial sweeteners from my protein lineup, opting to sell 99% of my products without them. I sell a few flavored proteins with stevia. As I told someone today, I sell quality, not taste. Taste simply makes the protein powder lower in quality. It REMOVES protein and ADDS flavoring. You want to pay for protein powder, right? If you’re going to buy flavoring, go to the grocery store. My job is to sell you protein!

If you are still hung up on Sour Patch Kid flavored protein powder, I have another reason for you to STOP using it. A study was just published coming to the conclusion that artificial sweeteners, which are commonly used in protein powders, damages your gut.

no sweetener protein powder

In a nutshell, artificial sweeteners can make the bacteria pathogenic. It found that these pathogenic bacteria can attach themselves to, invade and kill Caco-2 cells, which are epithelial cells that line the wall of the intestine.

Senior author of the paper Dr. Havovi Chichger said: “There is a lot of concern about the consumption of artificial sweeteners, with some studies showing that sweeteners can affect the layer of bacteria which support the gut, known as the gut microbiota. Our study is the first to show that some of the sweeteners most commonly found in food and drink—saccharin, sucralose and aspartame—can make normal and ‘healthy’ gut bacteria become pathogenic.

If I were you, I would STOP using artificial sweeteners. And like I tell most people now…stop acting like a baby!