A Review of Bio Muscle XR

What is Bio Muscle XR
Bio muscle is a dietary supplement that is marketed to people looking to grow muscle mass. The home page that Bio Muscle XR uses describes why you should use the product and attempts to convince the would-be purchaser that using their product will help them gain lean muscle mass.

bio muscle xr

As a supplement expert with almost 20 years under my belt manufacturing, formulating and distributing dietary supplements I can tell you right off the bat this is not something that you will take and instantly grow muscle.
The first thing I noticed on Bio Muscle XR website was they claim this supplement was cutting edge and biologically engineered. This made me laugh. It made me laugh because, what the heck does biologically engineered mean? This is merely an attempt by this supplement company to sound, well, scientific. Because when most people buy supplements, they want to feel as if they are buying a supplement made by some biotech pharmaceutical looking company. However, the truth of the matter is that if a pharmaceutical company did make a muscle building substance to consume by a human, it would be a drug.
The next thing I looked at with Bio Muscle XR is the ingredients. I had a hard time finding the ingredients on their website. It actually took me to a different product when I clicked on the picture that said, “Click here for supplements facts.” So instead I just Googled, “Bio Muscle XR” and I found the supplement facts. The ingredients were as follows:

The first ingredient was Arginine alpha keto glutarate AAKG. This supplement became popular in the late 1990’s when a supplement came out called NO2 that was marketed to increase your pumps. However, this concept of using the amino acid arginine to increase the pump in the human body was disproven numerous times, by several research studies. By consuming the free form amino acid arginine and its sub-components, like AAKG, your body is not going to increase its production of nitric oxide and give you a better pump. If you want to increase your pump while you workout, you instead want to use a dietary supplement that contains beetroot powder, like our Tectanic Red. The next ingredient in Bio Muscle XR is the simply free form amino acid L-Arginine. I don’t really see any point in putting this product in when you already have Arginine alpha keto glutarate.

The next ingredient I found in Bio Muscle XR is L-Citrulline. Now, this ingredient is a good ingredient to put into your dietary supplement if you want to use it to get a better pump. However, Bio Muscle XR only contains 5mg. Nothing for nothing but I personally thing this is a serious typo. I would not think any supplement company would be dumb enough to only put in 5 mg of L-citrulline instead of 5 grams.

Next, I kept reading the website of Bio Muscle XR and had to wonder about the claims they started making. On their website, they claim that Bio Muscle XR is the quickest and fastest way to transforming your body into a strong lean machine. Again I had to laugh at this. The fastest way to increasing lean muscle mass is by working out with intensity and often. You can also take anabolic steroids which would quickly increase muscle mass, much faster than Bio Muscle XR would. Of course, anabolic steroids are illegal when not prescribed by a doctor, AND I think in the long run anabolic steroids are really a dead end street when it comes to your health.

Finally, Bio Muscle XR uses the “free trial” marketing technique. What happens here is that you place an order and pay about $6.00. They ship you the product but if you do not cancel they charge you for the product. From what I have read on the internet Bio Muscle XR charges you about $80.00 for this supplement, which, BTW, I feel is very expensive, and also they charge you per month.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a muscle building supplement or product, first look to protein powder instead of “magic muscle building pills’. Never forget that the greatest increaser in muscle protein synthesis is exercise and increasing your protein intake. And keep in mind that you want to consume good high-quality protein. If you cannot eat high-quality protein, you can easily buy proteins powders like whey protein isolate, micellar casein protein powder, and hydrolyzed whey protein. After you are training hard and increasing your protein intake, THEN you can experiment with muscle building pills like Bio Muscle XR.