Top 7 Reason Why You Shouldn’t Buy Cheap Whey Protein

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Buying cheap whey protein is a bad idea.  Ever hear of the saying, “What get what you pay for”.  Well nothing can be closer to the truth than this statement.  The sports nutrition industry is one of the most “dirty” industries in the world.  I say this because, most of the time, the supplements that you buy do not meet label claim.  Not only do they not meet label claim, but the supplement companies selling these supplements typically “short-change” their products to expand their profits.  On top of that they flat out lie to you in their marketing and tell you its high-quality, lab-tested, GMP manufactured, and contains everything they say it does on the label and more.

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cheap whey protein powder

Protein powder is a commodity.  Whey protein, in particular, is a dairy product, it comes from cows, which produce milk, which cheese is made from, and then whey protein is made from the cheese.  Every company that manufacturers whey protein produces it at the same cost as other whey protein manufacturers.  Thus generally, all whey proteins that are sold at GNC,, and wherever else are the same price.  These prices are all a result from what it costs the whey protein producers to obtain the way from the dairy cows.  Do not confuse a whey protein manufacturer with a supplement company selling whey protein; they are completely different.  A whey protein manufacturer actually “makes” the whey protein from cheese.  Then they’ll filter the liquid whey, into a very high protein content, and then send it through a process to turn it into a powder.  Some whey protein manufacturers are.

1)  Glanbia

2) Davisco Foods

3) Land o Lakes

4) Milk Specialities

5) Hilmar Ingredients

These companies above sell to the supplement companies that sell YOU the whey protein.  And they all produce the whey protein at the same cost.  For example, today’s date is August 15th, 2016 and if I called up each one of these manufacturers above and asked them the cost of their instant whey protein concentrate 80%, they would quote me about $3.00 per pound.  If I called them up and asked them their cost of their instant whey protein isolate 90%, they would quote me about $5.00 per pound.  Again whey protein is a commodity, so the prices are generally the same across the board.  Therefore looking for a cheap whey protein that is considerably “less” dollars than another whey protein is not likely going to happen.

However, if it does happen, you can be sure that their is something, “just not right” with this whey protein powder.

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1)  It’s short on protein.  This is the most obvious.  If you are that nieve to buy a cheap whey protein below market price, thinking what is on the label for protein grams is in the bottle, then I have a bridge to sell you.  Don’t be a fool.

2) It’s spiked.  Protein spiking, even though exposed years ago, is still alive and kicking.  The FDA did nothing or made no adjustments to the Code of Federal Regulations for Dietary Supplements 111’s to make it illegal to use protein spiking ingredients.  Protein spiking is a way for supplement companies to reduce their costs for their whey protein BELOW market prices and expand their profits or sell it at a lower price than everyone else.

3)  It’s not whey protein.  How do you even know it is whey protein?  Are you a protein expert?  Do you have lab equipment at home to verify that it is whey protein?  No, you don’t and believe me this is going on right now.  Supplement companies use milk protein concentrate in place of whey protein.

4) It is old.  As a supplement company myself, I’ve been contacted numerous times from whey protein manufacturers and brokers trying to sell me “old” whey protein.  Obviously, this whey protein is cheaper than market prices because it is about to go bad.  That does not stop supplement companies from buying it and using it in their cheap whey protein powder.

5)  It was an error.  A lot of times the contract packagers that blend up and flavor and package supplement companies cheap whey protein powders make mistakes and mis-blend whey protein.  Thus instead of throwing out the whole batch, and we are talking thousands of pounds, they will call up the company whom they are making it for and offer it to them at a discount.  The supplement company gladly takes it because they know that NOBODY lab tests protein powders.  Thus the supplement company expands their profit, even though they just discounted it to you, and you get short-changed protein grams.

6) The cheap whey protein contains microbials at high levels.  Microbials are nasty and dirty things like e.coli, listeria, and APC count.  When a contract packager makes a supplement companies protein, they typically will conduct lab tests to make sure it does not contain dangerous and harmful bacteria.  All supplement companies are supposed to have standards in place that if these tests reveal levels that exceed these standards, they are supposed to not sell the whey protein.  However, instead of doing this, the supplement company will take the “bride” from the contract packager and package up the protein anyway.  What does this mean for you?   Well in all actuality it means your drinking more disgusting stuff with the possibility of getting sick.

7)  The supplement company no longer exists.  Distributors will sometimes have a fire sale on cheap whey protein because the supplement company who’s name is in the bottle is no longer in business.  BAD SIGN!!  However, the distributor is stuck with it and simply wants to cut his losses and pawn it off on you.  Don’t be duped into this; there is a reason the supplement company went out of business.

In conclusion, cheap whey protein is a bad idea.  You cannot trust any supplement companies when it comes to their supplements, especially whey protein.  I have been manufacturing whey protein for almost 20 years, and I have seen it all.  Even the biggest of the big supplement companies are involved in ripping you off.  Make sure you read my protein buyers resource manual that will give you more in-depth information on how to buy protein powders.

You never want to buy whey protein powders that are offered at a discount.  You’ll surely be getting ripped off one way or another.  And to save  $10 or $20 is just not worth it.  You’ll be thinking you’re getting 30 grams of protein when all along you’re getting 15 grams.  Stick with high-quality protein powders like the ones that I sell here on my site.  Whey Protein Concentrate.

cheap whey protein powder