Bodyweight HIIT Workout

The bodyweight HIIT workout is one of the most effective and practical workouts you can do. You can easily do this workout from home or in the gym and it does not require and equipment.

If you are not familiar with the term, “HIIT”, I will tell you exactly what it is and what you need to know about it. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. In other words, it is a form of cardiovascular training in which an individual part takes in quick, numerous workouts that get the blood and muscles moving in a short period of time. There are many benefits of this type of training. Besides burning many carbohydrates in a fast way, HIIT is known to lower blood sugar, increase your metabolism, and improves energy.

Other than improving your overall health, HIIT workouts are awesome because they can be done anywhere, anytime, and you do not even need equipment for it, besides your body of course. Below I compromised some beginner level HIIT workouts that will definitely get your blood pumping and leave you feeling satisfied. In this video below you’ll see me perform a bodyweight HIIT workout.

Exercises For Bodyweight HIIT Workout

  1. High knees- 30 seconds, 4 times. Make sure to keep your back straight up and get those knees high to get the full effect.
  2. Jump Squats- 30 seconds, 4 times. keep your feet shoulder width apart, and use your quads to launch your body upward.
  3. Dumbbell Swing Squats- 30 seconds, 4 times. Keep your feet shoulder width apart, squat down while swinging the dumbbell underneath your legs, and squat upward bringing the dumbbell out infront of your chest.
  4. Pushup Shoulder Taps- 30 seconds, 4 times. Start in a pushup position, and do one pushup. When back in starting position tap one shoulder with your opposite hand and repeat with your other arm as well.
  5. Box Jumps- 30 seconds, 4 times. Start in an upright position and jump onto the bus, landing in a squat position. Jump back downward and repeat.

Timing With The Bodyweight HIIT Workout

When doing a bodyweight HIIT workout, the timing is extremely important. For this specific workout, you should complete these five workouts back to back, with a one to two minute rest in-between each exercise. Because you are repeating each exercise four times, after you repeat one whole round you should rest for three minutes and then start back up. This entire bodyweight HIIT workout takes less than thirty minutes and will leave you sweating with a great workout under your belt.

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bodyweight HIIT workout
Results From Many Bodyweight HIIT Workouts
bodyweight HIIT workout