6 Futuristic Supplements That Could Be Game Changers In The Next Few Years

Follistatin seems to be the most promising of all myostatin supplements.  It is the only clinically validated myostatin supplement proven to reduce myostatin and increase muscle mass.

Supplements all seem the same, right?  You got your protein, pre-workout, BCAA, L-glutamine, creatine & fat burners.  How come you never see anything new?  Why is it that the best selling products HAVE been the best selling products since the 1990’s.  When are we going to see something really cool and new? It has been a few years since anything “new” came out.    The most recent cool new product was a product made from fertile egg yolks which supposedly contained natural levels of follistatin.  Follistatin supposedly reduces myostatin and you’re supposed to gain muscle.  Well, I personally took a shit load of the stuff and nothing ever happened to my physique.  So what I decided to do was put together a list of supplements that DO exist but most likely you’ve never used them and you’ll never see them on the retail shelf.  Do I think they work?  I don’t know?  Do I think they might grow muscle? Maybe.  Do I recommend them?  Possibly.  Again this is just a list that I think you’ll find cool and interesting and maybe one day you’ll see them on your retail shelf.

1)  Egg powder from Quails.  Yes the quail egg market is pretty big and supposedly quail eggs are more nutrient dense than chicken eggs.  So why not make a powder supplement out of the quail eggs?

2) Insect Protein Powder.  This one you might be able to find.  I have personally tried it myself and wow, it is freakin’ rough to swallow.  Nutty to say the least.  It could have some growth factors and other nutrients in it that could cause muscle growth.

3)  Deep Ocean Water Minerals.  Really cool shit.  They gather minerals from way down in the ocean.  The pressure is so deep that pollution cannot reach it.  Pure as hell.  Minerals could be a great source for recovery.  Which equals muscle growth.

4) Bee Products.  I think anything from bees is good.  I’d like to see freeze dried bee products.

5) humic, fulvic and phenolic acids.  Great stuff for recovery.  Detoxes the body.

6) follistatin.  If it can be isolated, that would be some awesome supplement.  You just gotta find a company that can do it.

Benefits of Follistatin

  1. reduces myostatin
  2. aids in reduce muscle loss
  3. sports nutrition application
  4. fertile egg yolk
  5. rich in protein subfraction

Myos Rens is a publicly traded corporation that owns the patent for the production of fertile egg yolk powder.  All other follistatin supplements are scams.  This is the only product in the world that is clinically validated to reduce myostatin in the body.  Dr. Carlon Colker is the inventor of fertile egg yolk powder.

MYOS RENS’  all natural nutracuetical research proven to increase muscle mass, lean muscle tissue and strength.  Myo-T12 is a bioactive pro-peptidesteo-fatty  complex composed of about 200 proteins,  40 fat, several of the peptides and various bioactive peptides targeted at an exact stage of process from fertilized egg yolks using a patented process that leaves intact the biological properties and activity of the blended powder.

Today MYOS RENS‘ patented nutritional supplement Myo-T12  is the only safe and natural myostatin reducing dietary supplement available with clinically validated positive result on both muscle thickness and lean body mass.

To buy the patent follistatin supplement get this one below.

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