How To Grow Muscle Quickly After Time Off

Did you ever wonder if you could get back to where you were muscle wise after you took some time off?  Maybe because you had some personal issues, maybe you got injured, or maybe you stopped lifting because you simply did not have the means.  Well do not fear because I have found a study, that shows you can get back to where you were quicker than you think because of something called myonuclei.

Check out the study below.


The study concluded that muscle fibres recruit myonuclei from activated satellite cells before hypertrophic muscle growth.  These myonuclei could last in the body for about 15 years.  So if you stop training or bodybuilding for a few weeks, you can quickly get back to where you were because of the myonuclei that were created when you originally first started to train.  In addition, if you were ever an anabolic steroid user as well a decade or so ago, this also counts.  I’m not saying you could get back to the same condition you were when you were using anabolic steroids, but the myonuclei that were created when you did take steroids are still present in your body.

The study also suggested that the early you start training the better you’re off because the older you get the harder it is to create the myonuclei.  Therefore this could mean that as you become an old man you should have the ability to have more muscle mass on your frame, than another old man that just started training when he was in his 50’s or 60’s.  This is another great reason to start bodybuilding young, as it will pay off decades down the road.

In conclusion, bodybuilding has decade-long benefits.  If you used to train years ago, most likely you can quickly get back to where you were as opposed to thinking that you have to completely start over.  That is not the case.  Those early days of training 6 days a week because you were in college and didn’t have a job, can finally pay off.  Now that you have a wife, 2 kids, and can only train 3 days a week if you’re lucky, is no big deal, because you have those myonuclei, that will remember how to increase and activate muscle hypertrophy.   Therefore do not get discouraged thinking that you have to start from the “beginning” if you took some time off from lifting.  Get back in the gym and your muscle will quickly remember how to grow.