Hip Thrust Workout With Kati Cardenalli

Hello, Kati here, I’m making this video in addition to last week’s hip thrust booty building video. In that video, I mentioned that my all-time favorite workout for building a better booty is the hip thrust. Today I want to tell you why the hip thrust is my favorite exercise for building the glutes and how it is done. I have also made a hip thrust workout video that I know you’ll enjoy and it will teach you how to perform hip thrusts and different variations of the hip thrust.

I love the hip thrust because it is so effective at building bigger, stronger glutes. Also, the hip thrust is an isolation exercise. It is an isolation exercise because it isolates the glutes. For example, squats are a great exercise, but it is a compound exercise, meaning that they are hitting more than one muscle. They activate the hamstrings, quads, glutes, and back..it’s a whole body workout. An isolation exercise means its targeting one muscle. So that is why the hip thrust is so great because it is all about the booty.

The great thing about the hip thrust is that there are so many different ways the exercise can be performed. You can give them all a try and find out which one you like the most and which one is the most beneficial. And it’s also nice because every gym does not have everything you need, so you can use a bunch of different varieties.

If you have a gym that has a hip thrust machine, definitely take advantage of that.

Here is how the hip thrust is performed.

1) Place you back on a bench right underneath my shoulder blades
2) find a comfortable spot, somewhere where your not going to be pushed up or slide down

3) put bar right over your lap
4) and thrust your hips up
5) squeeze those glutes at the top of the movement

hip thrust workout

When you get into the heavier weight, you can put a pad on the bar for support and comfort.

I love this version of the hip thrust. I can be done anywhere. Notice the height is different. It will give you a difference range of motion.

hip thrust exercise


With this exercise, it is super important that your neck is parallel with your body. You don’t want to extend your back to far. You don’t want to hurt your neck.

Using the hamstring machine is awesome to do in a hip thrust workout. You’ll notice my feet are shoulder width apart. They are not too far out. I am always driving up with my heels. If you want to make it harder you can add resistance bands to the hip thrust workout.

hip thrust hamstring machine


As far as reps and sets go. I like to warm up with 15 to 20 reps and then I will gradually up the weight and lower the reps. You can give that a try. Sometimes I like to go heavy all the time and do about 4 sets at a heavier weight.

Here is a glute bridge, similar to the hip thrust. Your back is flat on the ground. This is awesome, and I like to do at the end of a workout for a little “burn out.”

I hope you enjoyed my hip thrust workout.

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