How I Accidentally Created A Potent Muscle-building Stack

Every once in a while, if the moon is in the correct position and the stars are aligned in a certain way, strange things happen, and a little luck just comes my way. In this case, I accidentally created an extraordinarily potent muscle-building combination. It was not until the other day I realized that I did so.

Recently I introduced the world’s first blueberry bodybuilding powder, called Blue Generator. It is a cutting-edge high-tech blueberry powder, unlike anything the nutritional industry has ever seen. The only place to buy a powder like this is from Protein Factory. It has a host of benefits that I described in a few articles. But what I did not know is that combining Blue Generator with something else increases its effectiveness, as you will see below. Let me explain how all this happened.

Interesting side note, when I introduce a new product to my loyal customers before I do so, I always use the product for at least 60 days. If I like it, then I will bring it on as a product to sell to you on my website.

What happened with Blue Generator is that first, I was using it by itself, i.e., just mixing it with water. I like to know how something mixes and tastes. But after a few days, I decided to add it to my favorite blender drink, which is:

1/3 cup of Muscle Shake
Two bananas
Two tbs of almond butter
Two tbs of raw honey
liquid of choice: almond milk

Do NOT USE WHOLE MILK OR SKIM MILK. Use water or a nut milk

Little did I know that by adding Blue Generator to my drink above, I increased the absorption of the nutrients in Blue Generator.

I recently discovered a study that came to the conclusion that adding casein protein to blueberry increased the absorption up to 10 fold!! (interesting note, this is done with protein, not whole milk)

blueberry study

After weeks of mixing Blue Generator into my favorite stack, I started to see results. I just attributed it to the “stack” I was using, but little did I know that I increased the effectiveness of Blue Generator!!!!

I love the results so much; I wanted to share them with you! I made a stack on my website weeks ago BEFORE this study came out. That is proof that I accidentally created this formula. All at the same time, not knowing I created a BETTER muscle-building concoction.

Sometimes accidental formulas do happen, and in this case, one indeed did.

I’ll say this once, and I”ll repeat it. Blueberries are a bodybuilding food. The proof is there. And the remarkable thing is adding a casein protein or Muscle Shake will make it work even better. Give it a try, and you’ll find yourself retaining, maintaining, and possibly building more muscle and strength.

Also, you don’t have to use my stack. If you want to keep it simple you can get some casein protein powder and add Blue Generator!!