New White Paper On Testosterone Supplement Proves Anabolic/Pro-sexual Effects

HP Ingredients the Malaysian company that actually makes the testosterone supplement LJ 100 & LJ 450 just came out with a very compelling white paper on their product.  This is significant because rarely do you see research and white papers done on ingredients for sports nutrition.  Most recently, I showed you the Zynamite, a totally new ingredient in the pre workout category niche, but now we have a new white paper on LJ 100 and LJ 450, a tongkat ali supplement that helps increase testosterone and reduce SHBG.

Click here to download the whitepaper.

Here the truth about testosterone supplements.  First I would listen to Nelson Montana’s and mine podcast talking about them so you have a complete understanding about what to expect from them.

The best thing to do would be to STACK the LJ100 or LJ 450 with Unleashed.

I put together a stack right here.  I combined the 450 with Unleashed and a Post Cycle to go with it.  You actually want to take the post cycle at the same time as the Unleashed and the LJ 450.  Now if you are coming off a SARMS cycle or something like that you obviously take this stack after.

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