Use This 1 Trick To Seek Out Quality Supplements

You’re in the gym and you’re working out and your friend is crushing it lately.  You wonder how and why he has been lifting more than you lately….. because you can’t figure it out.  So you ask him,  “Hey Johnny what gives? How come you have been lifting more than me recently?”  He tells you, Creatine!  It makes me jacked.  So as soon as you get done lifting you head to your local supplement shop and go in and look for, Creatine.  The problem is, there are about 10 supplement brands ALL with Creatine.  Which one do you choose?  The one with the fancier label? No. You choose the one that has branded ingredients.

This my friends, is the problem with the supplement industry. How do you know which supplement is the best? Let me give you the secret to finding out which supplements are the best.

[wpsharely]Let’s take Creatine for example.  Unless you’re a supplement guru like myself, you’ll have no idea which one to buy.  So let me tell you.  CREAPURE!  It is the ONLY Creatine NOT made in China.  Yes…all Creatine is made in CHINA with the exception of CREAPURE….it’s made in Germany.  So all these Creatine products you see in my opinion, are complete GARBAGE!!  I would not personally put anything into my body that was made in China.  I won’t drive a Chinese made care…I’m sure as hell not going to swallow chinese Creatine.  So just buy 100% Creapure Creatine.

Next, is protein. The protein you want to buy is a Native Whey Isolate.  Very, very hard to find…but if you want the best whey protein you’ll want to get a native whey.  As far as I know, my company is the only one that sells a Native Whey Protein ISOLATE.

Next… Amino Acids.  If you want to buy amino acids I would suggest you buy aminos that are from Ajinomoto ONLY. Why? Again, most on the market are from CHINA.  If the amino acids do not say Ajinomoto on them or Kywo-Hakko…they are from CHINA.  And most likely you’re swallowing human hair.  Yes the chinese get their aminos from human hair…gross me out with spoon baby!

There you have it.  My one trick is to look for BRANDED ingredients.  Not just no name ingredients that most likely are coming from China.[/wpsharely]