Adding Fish Oil To Your Post Workout Shake Is A Good Idea

Ahhh, the anabolic window.  That certain time of day, when you just got done working out and you’re looking to combat catabolism and increase anabolism.  You can do this very simply by drinking chocolate milk.  Known as the poor mans post workout drink.  Chocolate milk contains everything you need for muscle recovery, protein, carbohydrates, electrolytes, and anti-oxidants.  However, I tell my readers and customers that you can give yourself a better chance to grow muscle if you consume higher quality nutrients.  Yes, chocolate milk is proven to be a beneficial post workout shake, but the negatives of sugar far outweigh the benefits of post-workout recovery.

Therefore consuming higher quality nutrition will not only help you build muscle better, but you’ll be overall healthier because you consistently consume high-quality foods.  That being said, post-workout nutrition is very important.  Typically a Proteinfactory customer knows that getting your post workout carbs from vegetables or something like my Oatmuscle , Mod6 complex carbohydrate, and protein from hydrolyzed protein powders is the best and what I recommend.

After that, you can spruce up your post-workout “anabolic” shake by added creapure brand creatine monohydrate to it.  A no-brainer for those who are affected by the ergogenic benefits of this supplement.  Then after that, there are all little tricks you can use that I have written about like adding alpha lipoic acid (creatine stack).  In addition, I recently came across study while researching the top fish oil supplements for 2018.  The research concluded that adding fish oil to your post-workout nutrition shake or meal containing protein and carbohydrates will make you essentially, “more” anabolic.

The study concluded:

Higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids in muscle cells enhanced muscle growth mechanisms in a high insulin, high amino acid environment. 

fish oil study

Therefore you want to make sure that if you DO want to try to be more anabolic using fish oil, that you MUST combine it with carbohydrates and protein.  To take advantage of the insulinotropic effects of protein and carbs, I’d suggested using a hydrolyzed protein powder like hydrolyzed whey protein 520 and a carbohydrate like dextrose or Oatmuscle.  Keep in mind Oatmuscle has a much lower glycemic rating than dextrose.

Your post workout shake would look something like this:

Blend up kale, spinach, beets, and ginger.

Put in 1/4 cup of hydrolyzed whey protein 520

1 teaspoon of Creapure

Fish oil supplement.  It is very important that you use quality fish oil supplements.  I wrote a great article about fish oil supplements and which ones to use.  If not then most likely you’re getting cheap krap fish oil from China, which most likely is rancid and will do more harm than good.

Here is the best fish oil supplement to get right now.  

In conclusion, this is another way to help your body put on more muscle.  Your body is in a constant battle to keep itself the same.  Remember, your body does not like muscle mass.  The more muscle mass you have on your frame the more energy it takes for you to survive.  The body only cares about survival, not how much you can bench press.  Therefore you have to feed it more nutrients to help increase muscle protein synthesis.