Free Weight Shoulder Workout

In this article, I will demonstrate a free weight shoulder workout. Personally, throughout my fitness journey, I have always neglected the upper body because I did not see an importance in training it. As I got further into the journey, I found that working upper body, back, arms, shoulders, and chest, made me look better and feel even greater about my body image. As time went on and I learned more about training my upper body, I fell involve with it and the results I was seeing. Today’s specific post is dedicated to effective shoulder workouts that I find the most helpful.

To start off, working out your shoulders is more important than you even know. Your shoulders basically control every movement you make in your upper body. With that being said, it is essential that you strengthen your shoulder muscles. With strengthening these muscles, you will not just be able lift heavier, but you will be able steer clear of injury as well.

The Free Weight Shoulder Workout:

  1. Overhead Press- 10×4, start by sitting upward with dumbbells facing front in each hand. Push upward with each dumbbell and return to the starting position of a 90 degree angle between your arm and torso.
  2. Lateral/ Front Raises- 20×4. Start standing with dumbbells in each of your hands. Raise them infant of you with your arms straight and back down again. Now, lift the dumbbells to the sides of your body and repeat.
  3. Seated Dumbbell Press Combo- 10×4. Start sitting down with dumbbells down on the side of your body. Lift upward infant of your body, and turn the dumbbells sideways. Push your sideways dumbbells outward and then back in again. Turn them back to the starting position and slowly raise them down.
  4. Resistance Band Front Raises- 10×4. Start standing upward with the resistance band under your feet and gripped in your hands. Lift the band upward in front of you and then downward again.
  5. Seated Lateral Raise- 10×4. Start by sitting on a bench with your torso bent over. With dumbbells in each hand, push outward and back down again.
  6. Dumbbell Neutral Overhead Press- 10×4. Start by sitting down with the dumbbells on each side of you. Lift up to your chest, and then push upward again. Bring back down, and repeat.
  7. Upright Row- 10×4. Start with a barbell in your hands, gripping it shoulder width apart. Pull upright until the bar is around your shoulders, and bring back down again.
  8. Kneeling Cable Front Raise- 10×4. Start by kneeling facing the cable. Grip a straight bar and with your arms straight out infant of you, pull upward and back down again.
  9. Cable External Rotation- 10×4 each arm. Start by facing one way with the cable in your arm further away from the cable wire. With your arm bent, push outward only moving your hand. Your shoulder should stay in place.
  10. Standing Cable Front Raise.- 10×4. Start by standing facing opposite from the cable. Put the straight bar attached to the cable underneath between your legs and lift the bar with straight arms, upward.

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free weight shoulder workout
free weight shoulder workout