This post contains REAL written SARMS reviews from people that have written to me about their experiences with SARMS.  Some of the reviews talk about specific SARMS and others talk about where they bought them and how they used them.  Because SARMS are such a grey market it is important to see collect reviews on SARMS so you can make a good decision on where to buy them.  BTW if you want to read PART 1 of Real SARMS user reviews click here.

On a side note, right now as of December 8th 2020.   I am recommending Paradigm Peptides.  From the customer reviews, customer service, and 3rd party testing, this is the company to go with.


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Review #1

My lab rat SARMS experience,

My “ Lab Rat” ran SARMS two years ago for about 8 weeks.  Did some Research on the peptides and went with  Enhanced Athletes.

Figured if everyone was talking shit about them they might be onto something good.

First cycle my rat ran rad 140 and Cardarine (GW 501516) for 4 weeks. Great results from this stack. Hard swollen pumps and unbelievable endurance. Was preparing for an endurance race, I believed it was a huge difference. The gains were solid muscle in the upper body. The side effects were dry joints. Knees and elbows aching.

With that cycle over and very dry joints, I deside to try something that would increase joint mobility and fluid.

MK 677 and LGD 4033, my “lab rat” ran this cycle for 4-5 weeks. The joint was relievedieved and the strength gains are great!

The Mk 677  was known to increase appetite which I found out very much so “hunger pains”.  About four weeks into the cycle I noticed my left knee which I have had issues with in the past was swollen and stiff.  Decided to have a checked out by Knee specialist and he withdrew one large syringe of joint fluid. My only conclusion it was the LDG 4033 since it’s been known to increase joint fluid in the body. Finished the cycle of MK 677 with steady strength gains and some weight gains due to water retention.

My experiment with my “lab rat“ Using SARMS was overall a great experience minus the joint pain in the knees.

 I would definitely like to experiment with SARMS again believe they gave my “lab rat” 5 to 8 pounds of muscle mass gains. I was sad to see enchanced athlete get shut down with it peptides program. I believe they delivered on there word and recommended them to other rats.

I hope my little review helps you in your study and I would love to win some gear of SARMS.

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Review #2

I’ve tried various SARMs & SARM related supplements over the past 2-3 years.  I’ve tried:

Cardarine (GW501516) (Enhanced Athlete)

Ostarine (MK2866) (Enhanced Athlete)

Andarine (S4) (Enhanced Athlete)

Ligandrol (LGD4033) (Enhanced Athlete)

Ibutamoren (MK677) (Newroids)

Cardarine was taken for about 12 weeks during a cutting period and just helped with my endurance a bit, but not to a great degree.

I took 2 cycles of Ostarine (once at 8 weeks & once at 12 weeks).  I thought I may not have given it enough time to be effective, so I tried it again about a year later for 12 weeks.  Neither experience gave any noticeable results.

S4 is my favorite so far and I’ve taken it for 2 cycles at 8 weeks each.  However, it also came with the most sides. I got up to 87.5mg/day and the night blindness was severe.  Also, I seemed to get pretty severe acne on my chest & shoulders. It did come with some noticeable strength gains and a bit of size too.

LGD4033 was taken for 1 cycle of 8 weeks.  It came with a slight strength increase as well as some acne sides, like S4, but not as much.

I’m currently taking MK677 for the past week or so and plan to take it at 20mg/day for about 6 months.  It’s too early to tell the results from it yet, but I’m hopeful for some increased appetite while I finish up my bulking season and for help with fat loss as I prep for my first contest this summer.

I would like to try RAD140, but it’s becoming harder to find a legit source for a decent price anymore.  Also, they seem to creep more into the “illegal” realm everyday. If they wind up being illegal, then I’ll probably jump into steroids (I think the FDA are morons, btw)…  I can’t say if any of them “caused” me to gain or lose any weight since I was either bulking or cutting when taking them anyways. The only SARM I would recommend is S4, but I would definitely make sure they know the night-blindness is real and needs to be factored into their day-to-day life.

Review #3

Hi, Alex, I tried swarms from proven peptides even before your recommendation. I purchased Lgd 4033 and stacked  MK 2866 with it. It was a very new experience for me. I immediately gained 10 lbs in 1.5 weeks. I kind of felt like it had to be water weight as well. My hunger went through the roof which was great because I’m a hard gainer.  My bench press went from 225 with 6 reps to 245 with 10 reps. It was amazing.  Taking the MK 2866(Osterine) made me extremely tired in the beginning.  I learned how and when to anticipate the feeling so I didn’t allow it to throw my day off. I took both of them I’m the morning. So as you know, I had to move on with my day, therefore I  couldn’t take a nap because of the Osterine. I since have done two cycles with a month of in between. My weight went from 155 to178. Since I have been off of them for a few months, I will admit that I lost about 6 pounds. But part of that is because I have lost my appetite which is what happens to me at times throughout the year. Not sarms related. I had no real side effects..even with my testosterone. Afterward I did do a mild pct. Everything is on point. I felt good when I was using them. Although they are not addictive..the results can be mentally speaking. I definitely would take them again (especially Ostarine). Since then, I’ve researched more about them. I definitely would recommend them to a friend. Just make sure they’re serious about training because they will be useless without training. Overall I believe sarms to be relatively safe. In order to keep most of your progress, I believe for me, Osterine has helped me. Even though it’s not classified as a sarm…still like and would use it.

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Review #4

I am writing to you in reference to my first and only SARMS experience. First, allow me to give you a little background information about myself. My name is Ramon, I was 50 years old during this time, (Now 51). I stand at 5’11” tall and weighed at 253 lbs. I was overweight but according to my doctor I am as healthy as a horse. Due to bad knees I am limited on what I can do cardio wise but I lift weights daily and love it. I work as a school teacher during the day but I do a good deal of walking daily even on my job. The majority of my fat is of course around my belly area. I do not eat junk food or sweets.

So in order to boost my testosterone and my workouts, I decided to use Enhanced Athlete’s Ostamuscle, Mk677 Growth Hormone, Arachadonic Acid, and Blue Ox. I basically took 1 Osta and 2 MK’s in the morning and afternoon pre-workout supplement. Also pre workout I took 1-2 Arachidonic. After about a week I began taking 2 Blue Ox’s at night before bed.

The Pro’s I experienced was a tremendous increase sense of well being. My joints stopped hurting. I felt stronger and more confident. Although my lifting abilities did not drastically increase. My muscles did become harder. The next day I really began feeling my workouts from the previous day. I did begin to lose weight. Only a pound or two for the first couple of weeks. Then I began to notice an increase in body mass. My shoulders were bigger and rounder, along with my arms becoming bigger. My weight although no longer dropped. I believe this was due to the increase in muscle pounds although I was losing fat poundage. Although my results were not showing on the scale, it was showing in the mirror. Even though I still had belly fat, other people were beginning to compliment me on my appearance. Overall, my best guess, because I did not have calipers, I believe I gained approximately 2-5 pounds of muscle and lost 10-15 lbs of fat over an eight week period. Again, I believe because of my sense of well being I became more active and wanted to do more outside like yard work, play with the kids, go places etc. I believe this was due to the Ostamuscle and the MK677. Although I did experience some drawbacks.

With MK677, taking 4 a day, 2 in the morning and 2 at pre workout, approximately a week into it I began to feel sleepy all the time. I was dragging in the morning, noon, and at night. I looked online and discovered that it could be the MK677. So I backed off of it a little. Stopped taking it completely for about 3 to 4 days then resumed taking it at half dosage. I began taking only 2 a day in the morning. This made a big difference. I once again had energy. Not only that but I felt great. By this point, even my knees stopped hurting. I began lasting longer with my workouts and my pumps were insane.

I began taking two Arachadonic Acid’s about 45 minutes before my workout. My body seems to take a little longer for things to kick in. But when it did, I did feel the difference. I started taking it around week 4, after I got my energy back when I backed off of the MK’s. The pumps were insane and at times painful. But I did feel my workouts more. It seemed as if I was able to intensify that mind and muscle connection. I began feeling every rep and every set. I liked the feeling I had after the workout was over. I felt like I really did something.

Now as far as the Blue Ox to but perfectlhonestes with you. I couldn’t tell you if it did anything for me or not. I did it as a part of the Kirby Stack protocols stated in the YouTube video they had. I just went ahead and ordered the MK677 along with it to help with my joints. So, did the Blue Ox’s help with my testosterone? I honestly don’t know. I’m just being honest.

Side effects, other than being sleepy during week 2 and 3 from MK677, I did experience some acne on the back on my shoulders and I did notice that my facial hair began growing much faster. I would have a dark shadow by the afternoon instead of that evening, even though I shaved that morning. My hair and nails also grew faster as well.

The most positive was definitely the feeling I had from this stack. I actually felt younger, more vibrant, energetic, and stronger. Although my poundage with the steel did not dramatically increase, I was able to perform more reps. After I stopped using the stack I did keep my gains. This was a very pleasant surprise. The negatives were the side effects of too much MK677 by far. Literally, I wanted to do was sleep.

I would recommend this to a friend. But my advice would be to begin with a lower dosage. I would take one at a time. Like maybe start with Ostamuscle by itself and see what it does, how your body responds to it. Then, at a later time add more like MK677 again at a low dosage, to see if your body responds differently, positively, or negatively to it and so on.

I would do it again using the protocols I stated above. At the end of this two month period I ended up weighing around 233 but I did not look like a fat slob. I had more of a power lifter appearance. I enjoyed the results and kept my gains that I earned during this time period.

SARMS Review #5

I ordered Ibutamoren (mk-677) 1000mg powder from Narrow Labs and used a daily dosage of 10mg per day for 3 months. My goal was to cut weight during that time and I was successfully able to cut ~20lbs within that time period. Muscle fullness was improved even when carb depleted as was overall sleep quality. I also coupled it with cardarine powder from Narrow Labs at a 10mg dose along with 3grams of l-carnitine, 5grams of creatine, 20mg of synephrine hcl and 200mg of caffeine.

During this time period I used an intermittent fasting diet protocol with a 16 hour daily fast and an 8 hour eating window. My caloric intake was around 1,500-2,000 calories per day depending on the workout. Some people experience unbearable hunger issues with mk-677, but I didn’t personally have any issues at all, even when I experimented for a few days with a 20mg dose. However, I’m used to fasting even when trying to gain muscle as I tend to gain more fat if I use a traditional “all day buffet” bulking method.

I was able to lose very little, if any, muscle mass which is probably due to mk-677’s muscle sparing effects. I also found that it seemed to help hangovers if taken before bed after a night out, which is when I would typically take it anyway. As far as the cardarine goes, I definitely noticed a drastic improvement in my cardiovascular endurance over a much shorter period of time than I typically would. Having been an Ironman triathlete and a collegiate cyclist in the past, I know how long my body will take to get to and maintain a certain level of fitness. With cardarine, I went for a 6mile run with ease having only ran 3miles as my farthest distance for the past several years.

My experience with Narrow Labs thus far has been nothing but amazing. I’d highly recommend their products and fully intend to utilize them as my go to performance enhancement products retailer.

SARMS Review #6

I have been lifting my whole life but at 47 years old I began to notice that holding onto my muscle became more and more difficult. After watching some YouTube videos I came across Tony at Enhanced Athlete. His enthusiasm and information for sarms was beyond what anyone else was doing at the time. After much thought and research I decided to try 3 bottles of Ostarine from Enhanced Athlete. I took a 10mg pill in the morning and one at night for a full 12 weeks. At first, I did not notice much and wondered if SARMS were just a scam, but over the course of 12 weeks I did end up putting on about 6 pounds of weight and getting 3 or so more reps on my lifts. But what I really loved was the way it made me feel and the relief from pain in my joints. It was not until I finished the course that I actually appreciated how good Ostarine is. I promptly ordered more. On my 3rd order, I decided to try ligandrol at 10mg twice a day for 8 weeks. Ligandrol, however, did not give me the pain relief or strength gains that Ostarine did and while it did add size, it gave my muscles a puffy look. I also believe that it may of effected my natural testosterone levels and so from then on I have stuck with Ostarine.

I have experienced no side effects to SARMS so the only downside to them is the actual purchase of them and the cost. I would recommend Ostarine to any man my age or older looking to maintain his strength. I believe you should be able to buy them from your doctor or drug store. Hopefully, that day will come.

SARMS Review #7

I used the YK-11 SARMS product, which I purchased from the Proven Peptides website.  I completed one 8-week cycle with this product.

I am 57 y.o.a. and have tried many kinds of training programs and supplements over the years.  During the past 6 months, I’ve been training with the X3 Resistance Trainer, from Titan Biomedical.

During this cycle of YK-11, I also used Citrulline Peptides and Tectanic Red, about 45 minutes prior to my workouts.  

My post-workout drink included 5 tablespoons of Salmobolic 98 and 3 grams of krill oil.  On most days, I followed up, an hour later, with a large serving of homemade bone broth, along with Protein Factory Leucine Peptides.  

During this time, I discovered that Salmobolic 98 tastes really really GREAT when mixed with bone broth and smoked sea salt.  I look forward to this post-workout drink.

My X3 workout was a basic split:

Chest, triceps, shoulders and squats on Mon, Wed and Friday; then posterior chain, back, biceps with deadlifts on Tue, Thur and Saturdays.  Sundays were rest days.

These workouts were short… that is…  I performed one set of each exercise and took every single set to ABSOLUTE, EXTREME FATIGUE.  

I used both partial reps and forced reps to extend my sets, always continuing until I was utterly exhausted.  These workouts generally lasted from 15 to 20 minutes.

At 57 y.o.a., I don’t experience rapid changes or rapid improvement.  And I didn’t gain any weight during this cycle. With that said, I made significant improvements in strength during this cycle!  I accomplished at least one new personal best, every single workout, during this 8-week cycle!

Also, my expensive, Tanita body-composition scale told me that I lost 3 pounds of fat, while maintaining my muscle mass.

I experienced no noticeable side-effects during this cycle.  And to my surprise, my sometimes-touchy digestive system handled the Citrulline Peptides and Salmobolic 98 wonderfully…  just as though I had perfect digestion and assimilation.

I would, indeed repeat this cycle… and would recommend it to a friend.  With that said, I was conservative with my dose; perhaps too conservative.

My records show that I used 2.5 mg, twice per day.  If I were to repeat a SARMS cycle, I’d like to either increase this dose or combine YK-11 with another SARM.  Having experienced no side effects, I feel increased confidence in using this product.

Thank you, Alex, for your products and helpful information.  I’m appreciative of what you do.

SARMS Review #8

Hi Alex – Proven Peptides MK-2866 Review – I’m a 65 yr old male “ancient athlete”.  I did a 6 week cycle of Proven Peptides MK-2866 60 ml, 25 mg/ml Ostarine starting Oct 15 thru November.  I’ve been waiting to review it to give myself plenty of time to experience any negative post effects. I have experienced none. No suppression, no let down, no strength loss, no depression.  I started at 12.5 mg/day and after a week went to about 20 mg/day.  I felt good while on ostarine and gained strength starting the first week.  I did not gain much weight and ended up maybe 2 lbs heavier.  I’m somewhat disappointed at the lack of weight gain, but may have lost a tiny bit of weight around the waist.  Hard to tell.  My strength increased 15-20% and I’ve held it.  Experienced no injuries and my chronic forearm tendonitis went away.  I have recommended it to friends, but most guys are too skeptical to try it.  I did not stack it and was cycled off creatine at the time.  The taste is pretty rough, but mixes ok with fruit juice and other sweet drinks.  I was taking once/day in the morning.  I’ve got about 1/4 bottle left and will try again.  Need to let more time pass before cycling again.  Didn’t eat any differently while on it.  Get about 120 gms protein/day.  I’m 6’3″ and 190 bs.

I’m a chemical engineer, so calculating the amount to squirt out of the dropper was no problem, but I would think a lot of non-technical people will have trouble figuring out how much to squirt for the desired amount of mg they want.  Some instructions and maybe a table outlining the amount of mg per squirt would be helpful for non-technical people.  Since the dropper is 1 ml and the concentration is 25 mg/ml, each full dropper squirt contains 25 mg.  I was using about 3/4 of a dropper per day for most of my cycle.
I bought the Proven Peptides product based on your recommendation.  I feel it did work, unlike a pill form that I bought locally last year, which did nothing.  I have since read that Ostarine needs to be in liquid form to be effective.

SARMS Review #9

Hi there,

I tried two cycles of SARMS and I definitely had some noticeable gains and some minor side effects. Both were purchased from Enhanced Athlete and in pill form.

The first stack I did was Ligandrol and Cardarine. I experienced some anabolic effects and increased my mass. The scale showed I went from around 155/160 lbs to 165/170 lbs during the month I was on them. Pretty huge gains! I was also doing a different workout plan but my diet was about the same. I did experience some minor acne on my back and feeling slightly more prone to rage but nothing major.

A year later I tried Ostarine. I started to notice some physical changes about 2 weeks in but heart rate felt quickened so I discontinued. The mass I gained didn’t seem as beneficial and my chest showed early signs of what I feared might be excess estrogen. It’s hard to know if this was unrelated or just because of things I had read on online boards but I did not want to risk it.

Overall I liked the benefits of SARMS but the uncertainty of what side effects I might experience caused me anxiety. Enhanced Athlete seems like a reputable company but there were definitely some variables in taking unregulated medications that worried me. If I could get the benefits I got from Ligandrol and Cardarine with less worry about the quality of what I was taking, and a full understanding of what post cycle pills to take, I would do it again.

SARMS Review #10

Hello my name is Deangelo Brooks. My experience with SARMS is varied. I’ve tried multiple SARMS with good results and enjoy trying new compounds to see the results. So far I’ve tried Ostarine as my first Sarms cycle at 25mg for 12 weeks from enhanced athlete with clomid 4 weeks at 50/35/25/10 from enhanced athlete as my pct, my results were good my body composition improved and my strength as well. I also tried mk677 from enhanced athlete at 25mg a week for an extended period around 8 months. My strength went up and my sleep was crazy I had crazy dreams, I combined it with huperzine a to boost the amount of gh released or so I researched I don’t know how much it affected the gh since it was my first time taking mk677. During the 8 months I also took a cycle of LGD-4033 where I made good strength gains, my deadlift went from 515 to 585 in around 8 weeks and my bench went from 335 to 355 in the same time. My pct for the Ltd cycle was clomid for 4 weeks at 50/35/25/10. After this cycle I tried gw 50156 and cut since body fat but lost some strength as well. I also tried Andarine s4 at 100mg a week from enhanced athlete that came with some vision issues where my night vision was impaired but not too severely as well as adjusting from bright to dark, but the body composition effects and strength was undeniable my bench went from 315 for 2 back to 350. My pct for each cycle has been the same with clomid at 50/35/25/10 from enhanced athlete, until my most recent Sarms cycles. I have also tried mk677 from Bostin Loyd’s 3cc research company at 50mg a week for 8 months. I took huperzine a with this cycle as well and felt the results were better from the 3cc research compared to enhanced athlete. My hunger was through the roof and my sleep was very deep as well as crazy vivid dreams, my body composition improved as well at this time I was around 215lbs at 5’10 with visible abs. After this cycle I decided to stack LGD-4033 at 10mg which was the same dosage for the last cycle as well as s4 at 100mg. My strength shot up dramatically I was benching 365 for reps, deadlifting 585 for reps and squatting 555 for reps. My vision was severely
Impaired at this time though, one night I woke up and I had a dark spot in my vision where it was completely black I thought I was going blind, but since I was stubborn I kept on with the s4 at 100mg for the 10 weeks which is the same length for all the cycles I’ve done aside from the longer mm677 cycles. I took a break from Sarms for around 7 months and experimented with pro hormones such as hi tech 1 testosterone with great results but decided to return to Sarms and bought another vial of gw50156 from pure Rawz as well as some clomid from them. My most recent cycle I just started 2 weeks ago was from pure Rawz as well I’m experimenting with their rad140 at 20mg as well as LGD-4033 at 10mg a week. My current stats are 245lbs 5’10 19 inch arms flexed 38 inch waist, bench is at 385 squat 595 and deadlift 625. I would like to try any new Sarms especially for free. I know how to keep the results post cycle as well, I learned how important good pct as well as good supplementation is post cycle as well as proper training, diet and sleep.

SARMS Review #11

My experience with SARM’s. I’m 5’9″ and my starting weight was 135. I used Ligrandol, Ostarine, and Cardarine from Proven Peptides. I used 10 ml per day, taken about an hour before going to the gym and I took them for 8 weeks. Within the first week I felt much stronger and had much more endurance. I usually work out for 30 minutes, and I found myself going at least another 15 or more without fatiguing. If I take a pre workout along with them, I felt  like i could go all day and not fatigue. A couple times, I actually had to tell myself to stop working out because I was going for more than an hour and was afraid I was overtraining.
After 2 weeks I started seeing more definition and my weight started going up. It seemed like I was putting on a pound a day. I even asked the guy at the gym if the scale was broken! I am a classic hard gainer and this is the first time I ever put on a substantial amount of healthy weight in my life. The 3rd week is when my appetite started exploding.I am now at 147 and have never felt better. My goal is to get to 155# on my next cycle.
I have not experienced any side effects. I am going to do a PCT for a month and then do another cycle of SARM’s. My experience has been 100% positive and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to put on lean muscle and drop body fat. Combined with diet and exercise, SARM’s are now going to be an integral part of my training life.

SARMS Review #12

I’ve used Sarms from LRA labs and maximum performance labs. I’ve used Lgd4033, rad140, yk11, ostarine, and Cardarine from LRA and s4, lgd 4033, Cardarine, and ostarine from MPL. My first run ever was ostarine at 25mg per day for 8 weeks. I gained about 10 pounds of lean mass and lost maybe 2-3% body fat and recovered very easily from it. My second run was lgd4033 at 10mg per day for 8 weeks. I gained 20 pounds on this cycle, I didn’t lose or gain any fat, but did gain a substantial amount of water weight. Those were both from LRA. My third cycle was s4 and lgd4033 from MPL and Cardarine from LRA. I gained a ton of size and strength and lost fat. Was in the best shape I had been in before experimenting with real AAS. Sides were strong suppression and weird night time blindness from the s4, but it was tolerable. I ran the s4 at 100mg per day. My last sarms cycle was huge. It was RAD140 and YK11 from LRA, along with Ostarine, s4, and Cardarine from MPL. I got absolutely huge from this cycle (first time I broke the 250s) and hit prs on the weekly. The vision sides from the s4 were way worse this go around though, so after I finished what I had of all of the compounds, I called it quits on using sarms only. I’ve been considering running a cutting stack consisting of test and s4 through the whole 12 weeks, and adding winny at the end to get even more dry and vascular compared to what I got from just s4. I’d love to leave a review on any sarm, as I’m looking for things to add onto real gear that won’t hurt my liver. I would highly recommend sarms to a friend, and I do quite often if any of them inquire about using gear or any other less. I think the most negative thing about them is that the side effects are largely unknown as they’re fairly new on the market, but I as well as many others are willing to take the risk.

SARMS Reviews #13

Hey Alex I’ve used multiple companies of Sarms and they all had there benefits and drawbacks! I’ve used two brands enhanced athlete and imperial selection. I’ve also used Lgd, Ostarine, Rad, and astrine. The side effects I experienced from Lgd were bloating and getting too bulky and not the muscle look I wanted. While using orstrine I got the right mix of lean muscle and size and felt a little bloating but not as much as Lgd. Rad made me feel light headed and dizzy, and I also sweated way to much and felt like I had to eat so much just to not faint. Astrine made my eyes sensitive to light but the advantage to it was I gained a lot of clean dry muscle and my veins popped out ! With Lgd I gained the most mass and gained close to 12 pounds in about a 4 week cycle while taking 15mg a day. Ostranine I gained about 8 pounds of muscle in 4 weeks while taking 30 mg a day. Rad a gained around 5 pounds of hard lean muscle while taking 20 mg a day. Astrine I gained around 6 pounds of dry lean muscle. I would take them again to gain muscle and improve my performance in the gym and sports ! I would highly recommend Ostarine and Astrinine to my friends cause they do wonders to any person trying to gain lean good looking muscle !

SARMS Review #14

I used GW-501516 and S4 from My original reason for purchasing them was that I needed to get faster and stronger; all-the-while, needing body re-comp. I didn’t want to commit to the injections and side effects of traditional steroid use, so I thought this would be a good stepping stone. Additionally, the convenience and portability of sublingual droppers made it more attractive. I did see tremendous results with the SARMS as my speed dramatically improved (dropping over a minute off my timed mile) as did my recovery time. I wasn’t in it to gain large amounts of muscle mass but rather overall strength and it did put good numbers on all my lifts. The major side effect to it was 1) the horrible taste of whatever alcohol carrying agent was used with the SARM. It never got easier to take, to I had to chase it with some water or pre-workout to help clear that from my palate. Additionally, towards the end of the cycle I started to get spots covering my vision. I was almost like a growing ink spot in my sight. It started off peripherally and spread centrally. I was concerned about permanent damage, but after a week off-cycle everything subsided and I have had no episodes of recurrence. I would definitely recommend SARMS to a friend although I would probably try another company first. I think they do provide good results (although not as grand as steroids).

SARMS Review #15

I have taken sarms on 3-4 occasions and I have had different effects each time, due to different compounds. The first ever stack I used was OST/LGD by ChemTech. When I ran this stack I was younger and didn’t have any type of diet. Even without a change in diet, I found that I was losing body fat, while gaining muscle. I gained 8-9 lbs or solid muscle and my pump and strength was increased.

Another compound that I ran was Rad-140 by Chem Tech. The only real thing that I noticed was a huge strength increase. I only ran it for 6 weeks. I went from squatting 225 for 10 reps to 275 for 15 reps.  

The last time I ran them I ran a stack called Tri-Shred (ost, s4, sr) by Sarm Pharm, while cutting for a 6 week prep. I shredded down 35 pounds in only 6 weeks and my veins and hardness was crazy.

I would take them again but I often second guess myself due to the lack of research and lack of honesty of most suppliers. I like that they really give you an edge while training. The pump, aggression in the gym, and the recovery is very very fast. Sarms help you break past plateaus and I would recommend them to others, as long as the supplier is trusted. I didn’t have any negative side effects what so ever while taking SARMS.

SARMS Review #16

Good morning Alex, please see below.

I had a very positive experience with Ligandrol. I had been running Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 for a year or so and someone in their Facebook group posted about SARM’s, which at the time I had never heard of. So, after a lot of research and my best efforts to sort through all the online BS, I took a chance and risked a few bucks with Enhanced Athlete. I liked the fact that their product came in capsule form versus all the liquids I saw out there.  I have never done “gear” but I am old enough to have seen the heyday of once-legal prohormones (Biotest MAG-10, anyone?). While I don’t think the Ligandrol quite stood up to those products, the results were nonetheless impressive. I had recently stopped doing CrossFit after about 2 years of it, and I was down to a ripped but skinny 180 or so (at 6’1”). Between Wendler’s excellent program, and my “supplementation,” I was up to 225 and still pretty lean after maybe 5 months, compared to 200-ish when I started supplementing. In and of itself, 5/3/1 is a great strength program, but the Ligandrol really upped the game. If you are familiar with 5/3/1, you know that the weights you lift in any given workout are based on a percentage of a previously calculated “training max,” with loads and reps pretty much set in advance of your training day, other than the last set, where you go balls-out for as many reps as possible. It is there where I felt the benefits most. My aggression levels were way up, and I found myself dramatically increasing the number of reps I was able to achieve. I did not stack the Ligandrol with anything, and was on 10 mg per day for 8 weeks at a time, with a 4-week break in between. I did two cycles. I have read where PCT is recommended, although I did not do it since I did not appear to have any shut down/ suppression issues. YMMV on this issue, and maybe it wasn’t smart, but I think I came out OK. I did not experience any negatives, mood issues, or any other apparent sides. I would highly recommend this product.

SARMS Review #17

In my experience with SARMS, I’ve used three I procured from right before they shut down.  My first cycle was with Osterine and MK-677 and due to the varying information as far as when the optimal time and how to take them my results were varied.  I didn’t feel like I noticed anything for a few weeks, this could be because I was mixing them with juice as opposed to just taking them straight and then using the juice as a chaser and because I didn’t know what the side effects were going to be I started out with half the recommended dose (half a dropper of Osterine in the AM and a quarter dropper of MK-677 in AM and PM) to assess tolerance for the first two weeks and then increased to three-quarters for a week and then a full dose of Ostering in the AM and I was still dividing my MK-677 dose in two, twelve hours apart because their website said it’s half-life was 12 hours as opposed to everyone else saying it was 24 hours all and all, it was approximately a 6 or 7 week cycle.  With this particular cycle I did not notice any negative side effects, however I didn’t really feel the positive effects of the Osterine or MK-677, my joints did not feel better, I didn’t lose the little fat I was hoping to use and I really didn’t see my strength increase. This could be due to the fact I was inadvertently diluting them and not just jumping into a full dose for the full cycle. I did see a jump in my weight from about 167 to 175 on my 5’5″ frame, I just didn’t see it in the mirror, that may be a psychological thing or just because I see myself every day. My wife did comment on my chest and arms getting bigger the 6 weeks I was gone. I took about 4 weeks off without a PCT because it wasn’t necessary and did the same stack however this time I added in S-4 because I wanted to increase my strength and just see how much weight I could put on and I heard good things about S-4 for this.  I did not ramp up the Osterine and MK-677 this time, I used a full dose of Osterine and half dose of MK-677 in the AM after breakfast and then to assess tolerance and being worried about the yellowish tint in vision I only did half a dose of S-4 about an hour before my workout due to its short half-life. I increased the dose to a full dose after no yellowing of vision however, towards the end of the 6 week cycle I did notice some slight gyno. This again may not be related because I had issues with that in the past and I did not do a PCT with this cycle as well. My weight did get up to 187 this time so within 16 weeks I gained about 20 lbs and I have been off them for going on 5 weeks and my weight has settled back down at around 175 but I have noticed the stubborn fat or softness has diminished and I am looking more solid and vascular. Looking forward to my next cycle running YK-11, RAD-140 and MK-677, going to try and stay on MK-677 more long term and cycle the YK-11 in conjunction with lagging body part training and alternate the RAD-140 with something to keep the unwanted body weight down but that all depends how my body handles the new SARMS.  I don’t think I would’ve recommended as a source, but I would recommend the SARMS.

SARMS Review #18

My first experience with sarms was primeval labs super osta (ostarine) and was taking 25mg a day. It was my first time trying something not “natural”. By day 3 it had started working so fast I was kinda scared but decided to ride it out and was glad I did. Immediately it started to shred me up, but not necessarily in a good way. I was looking emaciated but continued to ride it out. By midway through the second week the magic really started to happen. I increased my meals and my body fat stayed very low, but my muscles started to REALLY fill out and “pop”. I was looking fantastic and pretty much all of my lifts started to go up by like 5 to 30 lbs. The next benefit is odd. A great deal of my pains (I have bad shoulders, bad wrist, etc) started to diminish to the point I didn’t notice them. All in all I gained a little muscle mass and got my body fat to the lowest it had ever been and the gains more or less stuck around after I cycled off.

The only negative side effects I received are as follows:
Minor increase to body acne(I’m VERY prone to it)
In general, I was more agitated. Not like roid rage or anything, but I was getting irritated more easily
Near the end of my 8 weeks I experienced lethargy usually in the morning. By the afternoon I rarely noticed it
Some liver strain. I started taking a liver aide around week 3 or 4

I loved ostarine and would definitely recommend it. I believe the best way to describe it is “lite”. Much like there are lite foods (like reduced calorie), this was like lite testosterone(I have no experience with test). It gave similar results, but they were reduced compared to test. Similarly, it gave me a few of the same negative side effects, but they were massively reduced. If you’re afraid of needles or too scared to try test, definitely start with sarms!

SARMS Review #19

My review is of two SARMS, which I experimented with. They were LGD 4033 (Ligandrol) and MK 2866 (Ostarine). I also ran MK 677 (Nutrobol) with the Ostarine.
My first cycle was a “bulking” cycle with LGD 4033 by Enhanced Athlete. I took 20 milligrams broken up into two doses per day (10mg/morning and 10mg/evening). I planned on eight weeks. Within a week of starting, my size shot up. I felt total muscle fullness. Of course, that came with a strength increase. My appetite was through the roof. After the eight weeks, I had put on a lean 12 pounds. I felt great…for a couple weeks. After stopping the LGD, I lost most, if not all, of my gains. I felt tired, unmotivated, weak, and all of that fulness went away. I’m not sure if it suppressed my testosterone, but in retrospect, I should have either a) Ran testosterone along with it and done a PCT or b) Just done a PCT. Moreover, I had a cholesterol test done weeks later, and my LDL’s were crazy high as well as my HDL’s being suppressed. Not good. Everything eventually turned back to normal after a while.
My second cycle was just to put on a couple of pounds. I ran Ostarine and Nutrobol by Enhanced Chemicals. I ran six weeks of 30 milligrams of Ostarine and 30 milligrams of Nutrobol. This cycle made me feel great. I did not notice a huge increase in strength, but I put on about 10 lbs. Of course like with my other cycle, I came off, and I did not run a PCT. That was a bad choice again, because I lost just about everything over the next month. I didn’t notice any side effects other than my insatiable appetite (presumably from the MK 677).
After all was said and done, I was disappointed with the long term results, but I am still willing to give SARMS another try. Providing I plan and execute my cycle properly, I’m likely to have a higher success rate in the future.

SARMS Review #20

Hey Alex, I have used SARMS from Newroids with pretty good success. I have used Ostarine for a couple of cycles and usually gain from 5-10 pounds of lean muscle through a six-week cycle. No side effects whatsoever and definitely feel stronger when on them. I have also used their MK 677 with good results. I did notice acne one time when I was on this which is bizarre because it’s supposed to help your skin, but it could have been just me. I definitely leaned out on this and felt great. I used their SR 9009 with no success whatsoever. Didn’t think it did anything. I used their Cardarine and it helped with endurance, but I didn’t notice it helping to lean me out really. It could have been that my diet wasn’t great, but I definitely got the endurance results. I used the Ligo and didn’t really like it. I know it is for bulking, but I didn’t really feel much stronger and it seems to make me bloated. I have tried SR 9009 from Enhanced Athlete and Proven Peptides and didn’t see any results from either, so I probably won’t try this one anymore. That’s pretty much it for the results. I think the most positive thing about them is the lack of side effects and need for PCT. The negative thing is you don’t know what you are really getting so you have to trust the guys you buy from. I tried ION Peptides via your recommendation and the shipping took over a month and they didn’t send the order correctly. I am still waiting on them to get it corrected. They said they sent it out, which I believe they have, but it takes forever to get here from them. Probably won’t use them again because of this. I would definitely recommend SARMS to old guys like me, but probably not to younger guys. I hope this helps your research.